Gillian Anderson announced his homosexuality

Gillian Anderson announced his homosexualityGillian Anderson made a shocking statement, and confessed to his sexual orientation.43-year-old actress said that the first sexual experience of girls she received at a young age. According to Jillian, she was always attracted to women no less than men."When I was in high school, I met a girl," says Gillian, " We are quite a long time. I even thought I was one hundred percent lesbian. But a little later I realized that the men I'm attracted no less than the women.". . . Читать полностью -->

Sophie Ellis-Bextor performed at a private party

Sophie Ellis-Bextor performed at a private party British singer, expecting her third child, spoke at a private party in the Russian province.Sophie Ellis-Bextor gave the last concert before rodasmith on Lifenews.ruSource: Sophie Ellis-Bextor performed at a private party . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

John Atterberry died on sunset Boulevard in Hollywood

John Atterberry died on sunset Boulevard in HollywoodIn Hollywood shot a famous music producer, who has collaborated with the most famous pop group in the 1990s-the Spice Girls.John Atterberry was the victim of a crazy killer, December 9, left on sunset Boulevard and opened fire on passing cars.In Amateur footage taken at the scene shows a young man in jeans and a white t-shirt nervously goes to the heart of the busy highway and squad cars without clear objectives. He managed to produce about 20 bullets, wounding three people. According to eyewitnesses, pressing the trigger, crazy screaming, he wants to die.The desire of the young man realized who came in a few minutes police on motorcycles who were on duty in the area. One of the Ministers of the law disarmed the attacker, who sent him with the gun. Before on sunset Boulevard appeared police, passers-by, watching the shooting, thought that the offender is not real and someone just shoot film, because it is so natural for Hollywood.Later, the killer's identity was established. It was the 26-year-old Tyler Brehm. Читать полностью -->

Kirkorov threw a party in Miami

Kirkorov threw a party in Miami Singer Philip Kirkorov gave a housewarming party and showed colleagues on stage a new house bought in Miami for $4.2 million for daughter Alla-Victoria. Over the weekend visiting artist visited Sergey Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva.And the other day the house could look at his friends - Igor Krutoy, Angelika Varum, Leonid Agutin, Igor Nikolaev and Kristina Orbakaite."We were visiting Philip Kirkorov in his new home in Miami. Luxury house, friendly owner, delicious dinner! Super!" - wrote a blog TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva and even posted a video.Satisfied with the inspection and singer Igor Nikolaev. "This is a real dream home is very beautiful and cozy! Congratulations to Philip, because he really deserves all this" - he expressed his delight in conversation with were treated to wine, whiskey and snacks. The party lasted until early morning. In the new house singer visitors toured almost every corner of seven luxury bedrooms, three living rooms, gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and cinema. Читать полностью -->

George Michael may permanently lose my voice

George Michael may permanently lose my voice Iconic British singer George Michael has been able to lose your voice forever, acknowledged operated singer surgeon.Austrian surgeon Gerrit Volts in an interview with The Daily Star did not rule out that the result of the operation of the famous British singer may lose the vote, ITAR-TASS reported."The worst scenario could be that the stay under the ventilator can damage the vocal cords. All this can lead to the fact that his voice will become hoarse," said Bolt, who made the singer a tracheotomy.However, according to Austrian physician, still there is the possibility of a slow recovery of the vocal data of Michael, but it will require a long period of time, and therefore, as indicated by V, the possible return of the singer on the road in the coming year is practically excluded. "He needs many months of rest," - said the surgeon.A tracheotomy is a surgical procedure, which cut tracheal rings. George Michael moved her once in November, while in Vienna, fell ill of a severe form of pneumonia. Itself 48-year-old singer said that the Austrian doctors just saved his life, and promised to act separately for the medical staff of the Vienna hospital where he spent several weeks.A serious illness forced the British singer has to cancel part of his new Symphonica tour, which started in Prague in August, reminds then, George Michael obviously did not spare himself, giving to the time of his hospitalization 45 concerts in 35 cities of Europe.Source: George Michael may permanently lose my voice . . Читать полностью -->

The curse of `Grouse`: Andrew vorozheykina criminals attacked

The curse of `Grouse`: Andrew vorozheykina criminals attackedAnother actor, who starred in the popular crime series "Capercaillie" became a victim of criminals. 44-year-old Andrey vorojeikin, who played in the third season of the TV movie, which nearly died after attack by three unknown in the South of Moscow.Fortunately, the bandits kill him failed, the actor was taken to the intensive care unit, reports Life News."It happened in Biryulyovo, told the victim," I was sitting in a parked car and was about to drive off when my KIA got three young men. They threw me a noose on the neck, fortunately for me, I somehow managed to tear it, then they began to strike blow after blow.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Irina Allegrova leaves Russia forever

Irina Allegrova leaves Russia foreverPopular performer with a unique huskiness in the voice of Irina Allegrova recently announced its imminent departure from the scene.However, this change in the singer's life does not end there: the actress says she's moving to Italy, where he bought the bakery plant.Famous singer Irina Allegrova is not only a farewell tour, but the sale of his real estate. It turns out the actress, soon to be 60 years old, decided to drastically change her life. Allegrova bought in Tuscany bakery plant and soon will be engaged in the confectionery business, says the newspaper "Your day". Will Irina Allegrova as successful as a Baker, how she is a successful singer, will show the future.As it turned out, the purchase of such an expensive object like a bakery plant, was made possible thanks to the sale of real estate in Moscow. However, Allegrova, according to the publication, has decided not to confine it, and at the same time sells more furniture and cars.A close friend of the actress explained her decision to emigrate: "first of All, in Italy more favorable climate. Secondly, nobody knows it, so you can safely go to the streets of the city." The same friend Allegrova suggested that it might leave one apartment in Moscow, and from time to time to come here to visit friends, but this is unlikely. Читать полностью -->

Kirsten dunst's getting married

Kirsten dunst's getting marriedProbably very soon, this gifted actress will go to the Church altar to the music of wedding bells. Kirsten dunst and her boyfriend, actor Garrett Hedlund, already discussing marriage ceremony!"Kirsten and Garrett together just a few months, but they are crazy about each other," reveals a source close to the pair. All last week the young people spent in Utah at the Sundance film festival."Kirsten until recently was not going to settle down, but in the face of Garrett she found a guy she really comfortable. They became completely inseparable, so that the question of marriage is already under discussion, and everything is thought of," added the same source.Dunst recently admitted that in their relationship she like what Garrett it constantly surprises."When it comes to meeting people, I don't care what you do in this life. If you make me laugh, you're a good person; it is important for me to be surprised, and to be honest with each other, " said she.29-year-old actress also believes it is important to keep some independence in a relationship, otherwise the romance will most likely fade."It is important to have a life of their own. Once you begin to deny yourself too much, everything goes awry," believes that fine and thoughtful girl. Читать полностью -->

The lawyers met Kirkorov in front of the Bulgarian composers

The lawyers met Kirkorov in front of the Bulgarian composersAttorneys Philip Kirkorov found evidence of innocence the actor, who was sued in stealing songs. Of copyright infringement said yesterday the number of Bulgarian composers.Recall that the Bulgarian composers Alexander Savelyev, Dimitar Penev, Ivan Peev and Found Andreev has sued the Russian by Philip Kirkorov. According to them, the artist, by the way, also Bulgarian origin, violated their copyrights, not agreeing with them the use of their works without paying them the due fee. Meanwhile pop the king threatened with serious jail time. According to Bulgarian law, for such offence shall be imposed a punishment of three to eight years of imprisonment.Philip once said that he never sang songs perturbed Bulgarian authors. Tuesday, February 28, the official representatives of the pop singer said that they found evidence of innocence of the singer. Читать полностью -->

Porokhovshchikov refused to return to his wife

Porokhovshchikov refused to return to his wife People's artist of Russia explained Life News in the first video interview that he was fed up, and in the next week in the family mansion, he does not appear.Porokhovshchikov said to his wife until Verkatsashvili on Lifenews.ruSource: Porokhovshchikov refused to return to his wife . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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