Drew Barrymore is pregnant

Drew Barrymore is pregnantDrew Barrymore recently sparked rumors of her pregnancy after was spotted at the doctor's ultrasound.The chances that the actress is expecting a baby is really a lot. She recently announced she was taking a break from work and wants to devote that time to my fiance and the preparations for the upcoming wedding.A source close to the couple told People: drew ready for motherhood. Will wants to become a dad. Family is very important to him".In 2006 drew in an interview admitted: "I definitely feel like my biological clock is ticking. No matter whether I'm going to give birth or to adopt, as well as what family I would be - I would love the baby." Source: drew Barrymore is pregnant. . Читать полностью -->

Yulia Proskuryakova intends to divorce Nikolayev

Yulia Proskuryakova intends to divorce NikolayevIn the Russian press there were rumors that Yulia Proskuryakova intends to divorce with Igor Nikolaev.Sources from the environment of his young wife Nikolaev claim that the girl was shocked to discover that her husband is cheating on her with budding singers. According to friends of Julia, she fell into a deep depression and refused to discuss the behavior of the husband with loved ones - indeed, she hinted that it is prepared to divorce.Recall that the aspiring actress Natasha Benalex all over the country said that Igor Nikolaev seduces young singers and promises them a successful career in exchange for sex. For these purposes, he even has an apartment on Mayakovskaya - at which point, according to Benalex, Nikolaev leads young passions. Source: Yulia Proskuryakova intends to divorce Nikolayev. . . Читать полностью -->

Zemfira called the rally on Bolotnaya `miracle`

Zemfira called the rally on Bolotnaya `miracle`"Good evening, Moscow! I would even say: the kindest. All day yesterday - it's a miracle. It was a miracle that happened yesterday no victims, it was a miracle that none of frostbitten nationalists don't have got to the microphone and no one provoked.It's all a miracle, you know? So we have today a well-deserved holiday with a clear conscience," said Zemfira, climbed onto the stage of a Packed Arena Moscow club on December 11.It was the first of two capital concerts, which will complete her European tour 12". Initially as part of a tour in the capital was planned only one concert in Moscow - 11 December, but the tickets were so quickly sold out that after a few days it was decided to hold another performance on December 12. For this concert were sold out all the tickets, passes RIA "Novosti".Two and a half hours of the concert Zemfira managed to sing new songs, such as presented at the last "the Picnic song "Money", and have long known and loved: "Scandal", "abominable", "Walk", "I love you", "Main", "Macho", "Dream", "Take me", "Lord", "Who?", Zero, "Aircraft", "Cigarette" and many others.In total, the singer sang over 30 songs, many of which were barely recognizable - famous for his love of experimentation, Zemfira made a very unusual minimalist arrangements.The audience called three times Zemfira encore, the singer ended the concert with the song "Arrivederci" that whole room was singing along. Source: Zemfira called the rally on Bolotnaya "miracle"". Читать полностью -->

A mistress of John Kennedy wrote a memoir

A mistress of John Kennedy wrote a memoirFormer White house trainee Mimi Alford (Mimi Alford) released a memoir in which told about the affair with President John F. Kennedy. Excerpts from the book publishes The New York Post.Roman Alford with the President lasted 18 months in 1962-1963. The girl was 19 years old, she bore the name of Beardsley (Beardsley). Their relationship continued and after Alford left the White house.The book says how about intimate details of Kennedy's life and about some of the historic moments of his presidency. Among other things, Alford tells how Kennedy offered her drugs.During the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962, when the U.S. Читать полностью -->

Designers prepare outfits for `Buranovskie grandmothers`

Designers prepare outfits for `Buranovskie grandmothers`Famous clothing designers prepare sketches of outfits for the participants of "Eurovision".The main contenders for the role of the designer concert dresses "Buranovskie grandmothers" to perform at the "Eurovision" - the Creator of "glamorous Khokhloma" Denis Simachev, the grandfather of Russian fashion VyacheslavHares and fashion bankrupt Igor Chapurin. However, it is possible that European designers are able to dress up the Russian contestants.Producer grannies from Udmurtia Victor Drobysh, apparently, not satisfied with the outdated image of the team, therefore, to develop costumes he hooked up the main pros of the country.- We have several designers now preparing development is Simachev, Chapurin and a few more, " said the chief Director of the show "Buranovskie grandmothers" Sergei Shirokov. - This is not a tender, we just want to see proposals for the addition of the scenic image.However, the participants of this idea is not to their liking, they want to keep the Udmurt tradition of folk costume.- For "grandmothers" it's not just costumes, it is also their guardian, - said the producer group Ksenia Rubtsova. Are those aprons, embroidered their great-grandmother, so for them it is very expensive.DesignersBut in the end a compromise was found. Designers will not radically change the conceptual image of old ladies and only slightly update it. While artist languishing in anticipation, the designers work to exclusive sketches.And then I with these sketches will go to "Buranovskie grandmothers" that we defined together with the artists - said Shirokov.Buranovskie pensioner worried, because the sketches they will present in the beginning of next week. Читать полностью -->

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