Al Pacino received a serious injury on set

Al Pacino received a serious injury on setPopular Hollywood actor al Pacino was seriously injured during shooting of the film. During the shooting portion of the liner came off the artist in the eye.In its 72nd birthday famous Hollywood actor al Pacino has chosen to be in the company of friends around a festive table, and on the set of another movie. However, the artist even could not assume, than for him over the shooting process. Al Pacino was seriously injured during the shooting.Now the actor starred in the movie Stand Up Guys. In the plot, Pacino led a gunfight with another famous Hollywood actor Christopher Walken. Suddenly al shooting stopped, began to squint and to show that something happened. Читать полностью -->

Retro image of Jessica Chastain

Retro image of Jessica Chastain Jessica Chastain became the heroine from the cover of the latest issue of AnOther magazine. She told about how she won last year."It was a terrible year... great year. But my life is changing and I don't know what it means. The whole year I was afraid to lose face, literally and figuratively. I'm not talking about fame. Читать полностью -->

Russell Crowe will play Noah

Russell Crowe will play NoahDirector Darren Aronofsky sees Russell Crowe as the main candidate for the role of Noah in his new film, according to the website Deadline.Picture Aronofsky will be the transposition of the biblical story of Noah's ark. Earlier, the Director said that the script written for the film, is quite complicated for a film adaptation. So to start, Aronofsky has created a scenario-based comic. To create a graphic novel to the Director helped canadian artist Nico Henryanum (Niko Henrichon, who has previously worked with Marvel and DC Comics.It was assumed that role in the film Noah will perform Christian bale. However, the actor refused to cooperate with Aronofsky due to strong employment. Then as a candidate was considered for the role of Michael Fassbender, but now the Director has shown interest in cooperation with Crowe. Читать полностью -->

`I am legend` will be continued

`I am legend` will be continuedFilm Company Warner Bros. finally gave the green light to the continuation of the sci-Fi movie "I am legend". Reports resource Deadline.The corresponding agreement was signed with Akiva Goldsman and the company of will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment.The plot of the picture is not yet known, moreover, does not specify whether it would be a sequel or a prequel. Previously Smith himself said that the film will probably be told about the fall of the last city people and about how Robert Neville was alone surrounded by mutants.However, the creators continue to use alternative ending original paintings, which is quite suitable for the filming of a direct sequel.Recall that the movie "I am legend" was released in 2007. With a budget of $ 150 million he earned in hire nearly 600 million. Source: I am legend ' will be continued. Читать полностью -->

Named favorite pop singer 2012

Named favorite pop singer 2012Nineteen-year-old demi Lovato (demetria Devonne Lovato) was named by the American public's most beloved pop singer 2012, surpassing such regulars of this prestigious competition, as beyoncГ©, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry and Rihanna, who claimed the title, reports RIA "Novosti"."People's choice" (People's Choice Awards is the only show business USA award, winners of which are determined by a nationwide vote. The annual show was broadcast live on CBS.Lovato initially gained fame in the US after his roles in the movies, however, the personal drama, public insult and a long depression forced her to break up with Hollywood and to immerse oneself in the music. The past year has begun for girls in the Chicago counseling center, after which it terminated the contract in the TV series "Sonny with a chance". The result of a difficult search demi became her third album Unbroken (Unbroken), which appeared in September 2011.The album's first single Skyscraper (Skyscraper), which premiered July 12, 2011, immediately hit the top ten in the Billboard top 100.The most loved singers of Americans called Katy Perry and Bruno Mars, the winners in the narrower steel genres Eminem, Rihanna and Taylor swift.Most awards received singer Katy Perry and the last part of the movie"Harry Potter", reports Reuters."Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows: part 2" - the last episode Saga about a young British wizard - won four awards, including best film.Katy Perry, who won in five categories, including best singer for the song "E. T." became the absolute leader of the ceremony. However, the jaunty pop star are unable to participate in the ceremony due to his recent break-up with British comedian Russell Brand.In the category "favorite band" Americans voted for Maroon 5 in September last year released the album Hands All Over is the best for all history of their existence, according to musicians and their fans.The history of the band started in the 90s, when high school friends Adam Levine (vocals, guitar) and Mickey Medan (bass) formed a group called Karas Flowers, playing youth indie rock.In 1999, the team renamed themselves Maroon 5, and changing her musical style, inventing a name for it adult alternative pop-rock. Читать полностью -->

The heirs of Amy Winehouse recognized her parents

The heirs of Amy Winehouse recognized her parentsThe heirs of the singer, who died suddenly a year ago, her parents officially recognizedAfter the death of Amy Winehouse, who died last summer at age 27, left a lot of unresolved questions: "who is to blame?" to "what to do now?" Amy, for obvious reasons, wills were not made, because in her plans death definitely wasn't, so when the singer did not, it was necessary to determine to whom and on what rights to dispose of her hard-earned money. And these hard-earned were many: more than 4, 5 million pounds. However after taxes and debts that have accumulated during the life of the singer, the amount is reduced by half, but still impressive - 2, 9 million.Heirs Amy was able to identify only 10 months after her death. They were recognized as parents of the singer. The decision is already in force - now Mitch and Janice can handle finances daughters at their discretion. The word even before the court decision, the singer's father, Mitch Winehouse has determined that to do with the house where Amy lived, and what to do with her numerous wardrobe. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Lopez had an argument with a young lover

Jennifer Lopez had an argument with a young lover Famous singer Jennifer Lopez has had a quarrel with her young boyfriend, dancer Casper Smart.American paparazzi took some photos of swearing pair - 42-year-old pop star and 25-year-old dancer were arguing in the car, after which Jennifer proudly got out of the car, slamming the door.According to eyewitnesses, after a quarrel with Casper singer throughout the day looked worried and tense. Source: Jennifer Lopez had an argument with a young lover . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Died, the author of the characters of `Star wars`

Died, the author of the characters of `Star wars`In the US at the age of 82 years died one of the most celebrated illustrators Ralph Mcquarrie. He is known for work in the early episodes of "Star wars" George Lucas.The first three parts of the blockbuster still amaze moviegoers complexity of animation and detailed study of the characters. Mcquarrie created conceptual designs for the characters in the film, including images of the villain Darth Vader, master Yoda, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO. On the basis of his drawings were created the final version of the suits and robot models.George Lucas, who worked shoulder to shoulder with the designer for years, stated that grieve over him "will have the entire cinema." "Ralph Mcquarrie was the first guy I hired to help me to imagine and to put on paper the concept of "Star wars," said the Director. His creative genius, his inimitable drawings and concept art inspired the entire team that worked on the original trilogy of "Star wars".Lucas admitted that he is now often lack the right partner, retired ten years before death. "When I can't convey to the designers that are on my mind, I point them to one of the stunning illustrations of Ralph and said, "Draw something", quoted by ITAR-TASS.The inexhaustible imagination of the designer has determined its participation in sci-Fi movies, mostly about space and aliens. Читать полностью -->

Sleptsova removed the spikes from the tribe

Sleptsova removed the spikes from the tribeOlympic champion in biathlon Svetlana Sleptsova successfully operated in new York. 25-year-old athlete had surgery on the knee joints.The Olympic champion of 2010 Russian biathlete Svetlana Sleptsova has admitted that he feels well after knee surgery. Before Svetlana was operated in the new York hospital for Special Surgery, where at the end of 2011 undergoing rehabilitation after a difficult leg fracture two-time Olympic medalist Ivan Tcherezov. Originally diagnosed the problems associated with the meniscus, was not confirmed. During the operation, Svetlana were removed bone spikes, hindering the work of the knee joint."Diagnosis, which Sleptsova put specialists from Moscow, was not confirmed. Svetlana had no problems with the meniscus. Читать полностью -->

The police are looking for the doctors who treated Whitney Houston

The police are looking for the doctors who treated Whitney Houston In the framework of the investigation into the death of Whitney Houston, the police of Los Angeles have started search of doctors who have recently engaged in treatment of the singer.The investigation is important to know who was discharged for her prescription drugs, and whether the contents found in her room jars of drugs labels.While the investigation into the death of the singer is not a criminal, we have reason to believe a victim of someone's malicious intent, according to the police, no. However, a similar result has led to the dock, the former doctor of Michael Jackson - Conrad Murray. In November last year he was convicted of manslaughter, reports ITAR-TASS.It is suspected that doctors can occur if the medication in large volumes discharged by one person, says the famous Hollywood lawyer Ellyn Garofalo (she recently achieved justification for the doctor accused of abuse formulation for the model and actress Anna Nicole Smith, who died in early 2007 from an overdose of drugs).Famous singer, winner of six Grammy awards, died February 11 at age 48. Her body was discovered in the bath room at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. During the search in the room were also found several bottles of medication, which could be issued only on prescription. While the press warned against possible speculations on this theme, explaining that "flasks was no more than any man usually keeps in his medicine Cabinet".On the causes of death of the singer official data are not yet available. Читать полностью -->

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