`Boy on bike` was released in the Russian car

`Boy on bike` was released in the Russian car A film by the Dardenne brothers "Boy on bike", which received the Grand Prix at last year's festival in Cannes, opens on Thursday, March 22, limited in the Russian hire, informs RIA "news" referring to the company "Cinema without borders"."The story behind the story "Boy on bike", we came up with quite a long time: this is the story of a woman who helps the boy to escape from prison violence. The very first image - a boy, a bundle of nerves who finds solace through another human being," says Luc Dardenne in an interview published on the website of the film.The role of a boy named Cyril caught up in a shelter because deadbeat father (Olivier Gourmet) has fled to another city, and trying whatever became of this father to find, played by 13-year-old Tom Dore. "We found him like we always are looking for actors of his age: advertised in Newspapers, and then casting, which was attended by about a hundred children. Tom appeared on the very first day - he was the fifth in line, and once it became clear that he'll grow together," recalls Jean-Pierre, and his brother adds that the boy was immediately grabbed all the jobs faster than all taught each scene of the film and meekly endured six weeks of rehearsals and 55 days of filming.Save the hero has the heroine cГ©cile de France. "At first we thought to make Samantha a doctor, but then decided that she should be a hairdresser," explains Jean-Pierre. "We are very firmly set for itself: the viewer does not need to understand why Samantha is drawn to" sirela. Читать полностью -->

Ashton Kutcher visited ex-wife

Ashton Kutcher visited ex-wifeDespite the fact that demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher broke up a few months ago, the actor was visiting his ex-wife during her stay at the hospital.As they say, Ashton did it, because he understood that it was very important for daughters demi". However, according to a source close to the former spouse, regardless manifested Kutcher care towards Moore, that doesn't mean that they'll get back together. Source: Ashton Kutcher visited ex-wife. . . . Читать полностью -->

DiCaprio will play `the wolf of wall street`

DiCaprio will play `the wolf of wall street`Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming up with Martin Scorsese for the fifth time. Talented film Director, producer and screenwriter will remove the story about the collapse of the broker with the Hollywood star in the lead role.The next project of Martin Scorsese, whose 3D-the tale of "the time Keeper" was awarded five Oscars, returns to cinema for adults. Oscar-winning Director will film "the wolf of wall street" based on the memoirs of Jordan Belfort.About this man on the exchanges were legendary. Belfort earned his firm Stratton Oakomnt billions squandered it on drugs and yachts, RIA Novosti reported. In the end, he got burned on a partnership with shoemaker Steve Madden and in 1998 was in prison for financial fraud and money laundering.Thanks to cooperation with the FBI, he escaped from prison after less than two years, he quit drinking and now earns a living as a corporate trainer. Belfort took a direct part in lasted four years working on the script that was written by the author of "the Sopranos" and "Boardwalk Empire's" Terence winter."In fact, "the Wolf of wall street" is a story about the emergence in new York of new, modern gangsters, a new demonstrate the pursuit of luxury, greed and arrogance," said Riza Aziz, whose Studio Red Granite will produce a picture.Leonardo DiCaprio will star in Scorsese for the fifth time. Читать полностью -->

Beyonce first thought after giving birth

Beyonce first thought after giving birth Exactly a month ago, Beyonce gave birth to daughter blue ivy. The whole time she was there with the baby and tried not to leave her for a second. But because of their publicity and popularity of the singer is simply obliged to go out, and yesterday it finally happened.Yesterday Beyonce was spotted at the concert of her beloved husband Jay-Z. As befits a star mums, she did not hide her "understand" the shape under voluminous robes and appeared in public in a seductive form-fitting dress. Despite the fact that a month is too little to get in shape, Beyonce has almost managed to get rid of all the excess. Admittedly, her motherhood did not spoil - blossoms and smells. Читать полностью -->

Designer line Maria Rybalchenko

Designer line Maria RybalchenkoMark Maria Rybalchenko has existed since 2007. During this time the designer presented eight seasonal collections at Russian Fashion Week, Volvo Fashion Week, Siberian Fashion Week.Is a participant of the exhibition Pret-à-Porter in Paris and other international exhibitions.The designer adheres to the style of prêt-a-porter de lux and produces three collections each season a limited run for office, daily life fashion. Things from Maria Rybalchenko sold within a few large shopping centers in multi-brand boutiques along with famous Italian brands, also Maria Rybalchenko cooperates with Russian designers RUSПУБЛИКА and PERFETTA.Mark Maria Rybalchenko has worked with many movie stars and Russian popMaria Rybalchenko the winner of the III all-Russian Competition of professional designers, TISSUE Couture Belle époque de Sophie with the support of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. As the Grand Prix Company TISSERA , Maria Ribalchenko demonstrated its new collection of award podium for Russian Fashion Week, spring 2010."A female soul is multifaceted. It combines sensuality, fragility, strength, determination and independence. I put the emphasis on color and form of construction, in which the task is to preserve and emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of its owner, to enhance its best qualities, with the hope to help to be a winner in all aspects of life especially in such difficult economic times," says the designer.Style Maria Rybalchenko - sculptural silhouette, graphic lines and architectural cuts, imbued with femininity and sensuality. Читать полностью -->

In the Network appeared the promo video of the movie `Prometheus`

In the Network appeared the promo video of the movie `Prometheus` On one of the pages of video service YouTube has a video, presented as the second trailer of the movie "Prometheus". How far is this true, is still unknown.The video does have a lot of scenes that have never been demonstrated previously.It is noteworthy that the official premiere of the second trailer must be held within the exhibition WonderCon 2012 only a few days. VIDEO. Source: appeared in the promo video of the movie "Prometheus" . . . Читать полностью -->

SERGEY KOT LIGHTBEAT Sit on the road (Official Video)

SERGEY KOT LIGHTBEAT Sit on the road (Official Video)Words and music Sergey KOTDirector and cinematographer - Timofey KorolyovSinger, Composer and Poet Sergei cat, the Artist of Russian Radio Moscow and the leader of the project Sergey kot Lightbeat" presents his second video, this time on a proven hit "Sit On the Road", which has long enjoyed wide popularity in the Internet and concerts of Sergey and sounds in broadcast regional radio stations."Sit On the Road" and the debut work of Director and camera operator Timothy Queen, who also wrote the script for the video.According to Timothy "the Script was sent to Sergey after 5 minutes, after I listened to the song. I wanted to show the last moments of the once-happy couple.We don't know what has happened to them, what is the reason they broke up, who is right and who is wrong. While WE still have. Before WE disappear forever, the characters are faced with the last test, symbolizing their shared past that they have. Having overcome these difficulties, the characters "sit down on the road once again to remember all that was, to think , and finally to make a point.They throw a last glance back, and take a step into the future - there is new life, new hope.". . Читать полностью -->

The ranking of the most beautiful and successful men in Hollywood

The ranking of the most beautiful and successful men in Hollywood The Playboy magazine has made an annual ranking of the most beautiful, famous and successful men in Hollywood.First place was taken by George Clooney. 50-year-old bachelor is still considered eligible bachelor and one of the most desirable men on the planet. Clooney gets into these ratings regularly. In a recent interview the actor said that such ratings are ruining his reputation.In the second place sex symbols Englishman Daniel Craig, James bond from 'Casino Royale'. By the way, as he admitted, he is afraid of heights, and on the set rondinini suffered terrible bouts of dizziness during the scenes with car chases and gunfights on the top bunk.The third place player and an exemplary family man David Beckham. The father of four children and the style icon always impeccably dressed, fashionably trimmed, is perfectly built, successful in his career. Читать полностью -->

Sinead O'connor hospitalized

Sinead O'connor hospitalizedThe famous Irish singer Sinead O'connor, received a second wave of popularity after marriage length in 16 days and attempted suicide, was hospitalized. The actress said that being treated for depression.Irish singer shared the news with his many admirers in the microblog. Fans feared for the moral condition of his idol after the termination of a hasty marriage."I'll be in touch some time. But I'll be back. Don't worry. I will be hospitalized and will be treated for depression. Читать полностью -->

Emily blunt will make the company Tom cruise on the battlefield

Emily blunt will make the company Tom cruise on the battlefieldEmily blunt will make the company Tom cruise in a science fiction movie called "All you need is kill", based on the popular Japanese graphic novel Hiroshi Sakurazaka. This publication reports Variety.The plot of the manga revolves around a soldier named Keiji, Kiria that with the other new recruits are thrown into a battle with an invading army of aliens. He dies on the battlefield, but is again in the same day, again and again to relive his own death.After a hundred births, he notices that something is beginning to change. He is faced with the woman warrior nicknamed "Bitch wars", which may affect its fate.Blunt will play ally hero Tom cruise fighting with them shoulder to shoulder. Shooting will begin in the second half of 2012. Source: Emily blunt will make the company Tom cruise on the battlefield. Читать полностью -->

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