Vera Brezhnev has changed beyond recognition

Vera Brezhnev has changed beyond recognition In the new video for the song Sexy Bambina Vera Brezhnev returned to the usual image of a sexy seductress. However, the image she changed, first appeared on screen with dark hair.Admittedly, brunette she looks no worse than a blonde. In the clip Vera appeared in the role of a seductive and mysterious singer that literally stripped the eyes of men. Well, in order to more vividly visualize greedy glances, the Director has used a couple of Dobermans that rip Brezhneva pieces of lace dresses. To admit, it all looks a little spooky - a bit too aggressive acting dogs. As for songs, if you do not see the video, it is possible to think that singing "VIA gra". Читать полностью -->

`Old New year` was headed by the Russian hire

`Old New year` was headed by the Russian hireComedy "Old New year" (original title "New Year's Eve") was the leader of the Russian film distribution on the results of the weekend of January 12-15.As RIA Novosti reported with reference to data of the magazine "film business today", the picture, which takes place on the eve of the New year, gathered in cinemas in Russia and CIS countries 2,14 million dollars.Second place went to the guy Ritchie film "Sherlock Holmes: a Game of shadows". A screen adaptation of the adventures of a detective, played by Robert Downey Jr., brought distributors 1,98 million dollars. Total fees of the Russian version of the movie up at the moment 25,88 million dollars.On the third place by the end of the reporting period the film was David Fincher's "the girl with the dragon tattoo" with a box office of $ 1.6 million (General fees - 9,34 million).On the fourth and fifth place ribbons produced in Russia. Cartoon "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey wolf" has collected $ 1.5 million (General cashier - 22 million), a Comedy "About what speak men" distributors brought $ 1.2 million (16.5 million since the beginning of the impressions). Source: "Old New year" topped the Russian car. . Читать полностью -->

Relatives are trying to deprive the daughter of a Houston legacy

Relatives are trying to deprive the daughter of a Houston legacyIn the family of the late Whitney Houston emerged with force of passion. Relatives of the artist are trying to deprive the sole heiress actress, daughter Bobbi Kristina brown, one billionth of a condition.Less than a month after the unexpected death of a Hollywood star and singer Whitney Houston, as all her relatives managed to quarrel. The reason is simple - inheritance. It is estimated at serious $ 1.6 billion. The sole heir is recognized as the daughter of Whitney Houston and her former husband Bobby brown Bobbi Kristina. However, the family of the Houston rockets tries to restrict access to 19-year-old girl to such a sum of money.The fact that relatives are seriously concerned about the condition of Bobbi Kristina. Читать полностью -->

Announced the shortlist for the `Russian award`

Announced the shortlist for the `Russian award`International literary contest "Russian award" announced the shortlist, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the award.In the nomination "Large prose" award claim Yuz Aleshkovsky (USA; "the Little prison romance"), Daria Wilke (Austria; "Offseason. Roman-meditation") and Lena Eltang (Lithuania; "Other drums"). In the short-list nomination "Small prose" entered Aflatuni Sukhbat (Uzbekistan; "the year of the RAM. The story"), Dmitry Vicadin (Germany; "Stories") and Maria Rybakova (USA; "Gnedich. A novel in verse). Nominees among the poets was Alexei Tsvetkov (USA; Detector sense: a book of poems") and Felix Chechik (Israel; "From the life of fauna and flora. Читать полностью -->

Died on the Russian world record holder for bench press bar

Died on the Russian world record holder for bench press barIn Omsk died medalist of world and European competitions bench press bar Michael Algas. The athlete died on the 24th year of life from rupture of the liver, which was caused by large loads.It is reported On the death of Algae also reported in a group on the site "Vkontakte", which was created in support of the athlete.April 20 Algase after one of the workouts became ill and he was placed to the hospital. According to another athlete, Algas were preparing for the big competition and actively trained. "Misha took too much, were getting ready for the European championship, apparently, dragged," said one athlete Life News.Michael Elgas was born in Omsk in 1988. He was engaged in bodybuilding and powerlifting, participated in Russian and international competitions. Читать полностью -->

Massage therapists have accused John Travolta of sexual harassment

Massage therapists have accused John Travolta of sexual harassmentTwo masseurs accused known 58-year-old Hollywood actor John Travolta of sexual harassment and demand moral compensation in the amount of two million dollars. Representatives of the artist deny everything.The first victim who introduced himself as John DOE, alleges that on 16 January 2012 had a massage with John Travolta at a hotel in Beverly hills. Allegedly, the actor found himself massage therapist whose services are $ 200 per session, and came after him on your own car.First, according to the "victim" Travolta, all went well, but after a while Hollywood celebrity started touching massage for intimate places and offer to make him back massages. John understood and denied to the star that Travolta got sore, paid massage therapist twice and drove transmit Life News.Angered by the masseur filed a lawsuit to the court and requires moral compensation in the amount of two million dollars. Rose scandal, the oil which poured another victim of "harassment" actor massage therapist. He did not reveal his name, but also sued. Читать полностью -->

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