`Dark shadows` started poorly in the rental

`Dark shadows` started poorly in the rentalThe film "Dark shadows" in which the main role was played by johnny Depp, started poorly in the American and worldwide box office.According to the publication the Hollywood Reporter, during the first weekend project earned in the homeland of 28.8 million dollars. This is less than expected by the most pessimistic forecasts of its creators. Guide Warner Bros. expected $ 40 million.Even 36,7 million the film earned in international distribution. Best outside of the U.S. "Dark shadows" took in Russia, where the picture has collected just over five million.Given the fact that the project budget is $ 150 million, with about half of this sum was spent on advertising, only for payback he needs to earn in the box office of about $ 400 million. Читать полностью -->

Tina Kandelaki doesn't want to leave STS

Tina Kandelaki doesn't want to leave STSAs reported by RBC with reference to the Kandelaki, she decided to stay on TV because of the program "The cleverest". According to Tina, in the last days, she received many letters from parents of program participants who ask her not to leave the project. Parents write that their children are "horrified" by her care. It is for these children Tina and changed my mind.Recall that a sharp turn in his career Kandelaki decided to make after another leading STS, Michael Schatz, accused Tina that she is in conversation with the channel management has spoken out about the dubiousness of the videos of Michael and his wife Tatyana Lazareva calling to come to the rally on 24 December (details). "Vyacheslav Murugov, General producer of CTC ) was in a very delicate situation, to require it to review and retell our conversation with him I can't. But to continue the work on the canal in the circumstances, I don't consider such. Читать полностью -->

Deceased singer Whitney Houston

Deceased singer Whitney HoustonAmerican singer and actress Whitney Houston has died at 49 year of life in the USA. The death of the singer and actress said the paramedics in the room of the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.About the cause of death of the singer is not reported. About the demise spokesman said the pop star Kristen foster.The hotel staff, who discovered Houston unconscious in the room, called the ambulance and the police. After unsuccessful attempts to revive the singer doctors stated her death. Arriving relatives and friends identified the dead woman. Signs of violent death Houston were found."I can confirm that the death of Whitney Houston was found in the Beverly Hilton hotel. Читать полностью -->

Personal Pugacheva pictures leaked

Personal Pugacheva pictures leaked This erotic 62-year-old Dolly parton you can watch this morning online. No, her mobile phone was hacked by the hackers, and she didn't lose the laptop.The photo appeared on the Internet with the light hand of a close friend Pugacheva, Alina, with which the prima Donna of the Russian stage recently vacationed in Israel. All the time spent in the Holy land women devoted to rest: 've rented a Villa, and the days attended restorative and rejuvenating treatments.And it seems that they went Alla Borisovna good. Noticeably prettier after marriage Pugachev on the new photo looks honest and even sexy. While the truth's unknown what was the reaction of the singer on her photo became public. Knowing her love of yellow notes, it is quite possible that the pictures leaked by her "greatest commandment". Читать полностью -->

In Turkey have arrested a beauty Queen

In Turkey have arrested a beauty QueenIn Turkey, there was the arrest of members of a dangerous gang. Among the members of the criminal group consisted of "Miss Turkey 2007".Ten members of the gang Karagumruk were arrested by officers of the state security Department of Istanbul and the Department for combating organized crime. All detainees were charged with robbery, extortion and the threat of grave bodily harm. One of the members of the group were the neslihan Onder, named in 2007 the title of "Miss Turkey". Surveillance of gang members continued for six months, reports "Rosbalt".As written, the Days., another prominent criminal scandal involving beauty Queen turned around in Turkey in September 2011. However, in the middle of it was not local, and the Russian beauty. Читать полностью -->

Singer Mollie king has her eye on Prince Harry

Singer Mollie king has her eye on Prince HarryPrince Harry meets with popular singer Mollie king. However, the lovers prefer not to advertise their relationship.Now the paparazzi literally chasing 24-year-old singer Mollie king. Recently a girl was caught with a friend in a time when they were shopping. Many secular chroniclers noted blue top artist, as you know, blue is the color of the Royal family. Herself Molly prefers not to comment about what she's having an affair with Prince Harry. However, some publications refer to friends of the couple, and they state that these two are head over ears in love with each other", reports the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Recall, Mollie king and Prince Harry met a couple of years ago at the Cup Asprey World Class Polo. Читать полностью -->

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