Named the richest British celebrities

Named the richest British celebritiesPublished the traditional list of the richest young British celebrities. Top list, which included musicians, actors and other representatives of show business, amounted to the Sunday Times, and in print he will be released only on Sunday, April 15, however, other media, for example, The Sun, with him already familiar.So, at the end of the year among the young musicians rich was recognized as 23-year-old singer Adele, earned ВЈ 20 million (for comparison: in 2011 its revenue was "only" six million pounds). Second place in the musical part of the list divided by three artist: Sheryl Cole, Leona Lewis and Katie Melua the with 12 million pounds of income. Followed by Joss stone 10 million.Among the British actors top richest was headed by Daniel Radcliffe, whose income was $ 54 million pounds. His colleague on the series about the young wizard Harry Potter, Emma Watson, earned $ 26 million and got on the fifth line. As for second place, it got the star of the vampire Saga "Twilight" Robert Pattinson (40 million).Emma Watson also made the list of successful models in this list she took the third place. Читать полностью -->

Kate Beckinsale was photographed for the magazine RedBook

Kate Beckinsale was photographed for the magazine RedBook Kate Beckinsale in the January issue of RedBook magazine. in the January issue of RedBook magazine.Source: Kate Beckinsale shot for RedBook magazine . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The hacked emails of Gordon brown

The hacked emails of Gordon brownBritish police launched an investigation into the leak of e-mails of former Prime Minister Gordon brown. About this newspaper The Independent.According to the publication, the subject of a hacker attack could be 20 computers, which store data about the activity of brown as Minister of Finance. Among the hundreds of thousands of stolen messages was, in particular, correspondence with Advisor and lobbyist of the labour party Derek Draper.The hack was allegedly carried out by the order of the British press. As pointed out by The Independent, busy team investigating the wiretapping of British journalists, publications, belonging to News International, the British subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.In News International denied the charges in the theft of correspondence from brown. Scotland Yard refused to comment on the case.Postal perepiska Derek Draper has already been the target of a hacker attack. Published in 2008, I was named brown's "shy", and a year later correspondence with Draper adviser to brown and Damian McBride was the reason for the departure of the last to retire. Читать полностью -->

At the House of music will sound `Music of Mendelssohn`

At the House of music will sound `Music of Mendelssohn`International manifestival from the first season have become the hallmark of House music. Each one strives in a limited time frame to present a portrait - albeit preliminary - this or that great master.In the season 2011/2012 music forum devoted to the works of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, one of the major figures in the history of Western music, the founder of the Leipzig Conservatory and "inventor" Symphony programme.Robert Schumann called him the Mozart of the nineteenth century, today we honor him as a great master, the founder of the first German Conservatory, romantic composer, piously storing the classical tradition, we remember that through him humanity rediscovered the works of the great Bach. Today, however, the music of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, except for a few popular works, sounds not as often as it deserves.In recent years, interest in noble-balanced art of romance, shied in his music passionate feelings, of unusually increased. Modern musicians rediscovering Mendelssohn, pay tribute to his rare romantic artist harmony attitude. For Vladimir Spivakov Mendelssohn - "a giant talent, which showed itself in all directions, during his short life he created numerous works in various genres. And it is necessary to remove before him his hat and bowing his head for what he gave the world Bach, realizing that this is the value of universal significance. Читать полностью -->

Sherlock Holmes will appear in the new series

Sherlock Holmes will appear in the new seriesThe company CBS films about Sherlock Holmes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.The project is called "Elementary" ("Elementary"). The events of the new series will unfold in our days, and the authors will be relocated to the famous detective from London to new York.As a screenwriter on the film will work Robert Doherty. Previously, he participated in the creation of TV series "Dark angel", "Medium" and "Double".From 2010 on BBC One shows TV series "Sherlock", which also tells the story of a modern Sherlock Holmes. The detective in this film, Benedict Cumberbatch plays, and the role of Dr. Watson, Martin Freeman takes the. The audience saw two seasons of "Sherlock", and the authors of the series have already announced a third season. Читать полностью -->

Arbenina showed their kids

Arbenina showed their kids In February last Diana Arbenina first became a mother. The star coach of the Voice show CRAВ©nor" gave birth to twins - a son Artem and daughter Martha.Arbenina not one of those who promoted at the expense of their children, it is not surprising that it has long been hiding kids from prying eyes. However, a year later she still decided to show the twins the press. Diana starred in a family photo shoot for the magazine Hello! and has given interview in which has told how her life has changed after having children.Diana Arbenina admitted that the kids - all her life, they give her strength and freedom. Despite the all-consuming love, about discipline, she does not forget:"Walk! Two hours tops! Not to take! Lunch is promptly at 13.00! Children at the table, along with all of it without help from an adult!, - she has many rules, and break them no one is allowed." Source: Arbenina showed their kids . . Читать полностью -->

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