Ex-soloist of the `Tattoo` was going down the aisle for the third time

Ex-soloist of the `Tattoo` was going down the aisle for the third time In celebration of its 27th anniversary of ex-soloist Tatu said that going down the aisle for the third time. This time her husband will become a businessman named Vadim.Yulia Volkova admitted that goes on searsportrait Lifenews.ruSource: Ex-soloist of the "Tattoo" was going down the aisle for the third time . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Whitney Houston begged for money to buy drugs from the driver

Whitney Houston begged for money to buy drugs from the driver50-year-old driver Oleg Novels that dealt with many years in the limousine the legend of the world of pop music, told the "th" in recent years, become addicted to antidepressants Whitney literally beg money from him to run to the pharmacy.- Now everybody's talking, she was good, but believe me, this is only one side of the coin, - says the driver. I could see Whitney quite different: a very sick, emaciated man. She constantly tried to slip to the pharmacy, and nobody could stop them. A tip she did not pay. On the contrary, I was constantly occupied. Sometimes, I will start to beg you for 75 cents, a dollar, five. Читать полностью -->

`Buranovskie grandmothers` was accused of plagiarism

`Buranovskie grandmothers` was accused of plagiarism Funny song Party for everybody, which "Buranovskie grandmother" won the Russian national selection for Eurovision, may be disqualified.Music experts say that the composition, authored by Victor Drobysh, plagiarism, and double.In the Internet appeared the video, proving that the first lyric of the Party for everybody literally quotes the soundtrack to the film "house of the sun" - "will Flash" group "Kalinov the bridge", and the second is painfully reminiscent of good old hit Ingrid - Tu es fortu. Watch the video!Of course, a simple country woman in music do not understand, because I had no idea that they slipped not the original song. At the moment it is unclear what the outcome of this story, but if the fact of plagiarism will prove, in Baku will go Dima Bilan and Julia Volkova. Recall that recently the couple was actively contested victory "Buranovskie grandmothers", arguing that the first place they took.Source: "Buranovskie grandmothers" was accused of plagiarism . . . Читать полностью -->

Plushenko will perform with Netrebko on stage of the Mariinsky theatre

Plushenko will perform with Netrebko on stage of the Mariinsky theatreAt the Mariinsky theatre in the XX festival "stars of the white nights" together with Anna Netrebko will perform the skater Evgeni Plushenko.The official Twitter account of the Mariinsky reported that the contract between Plushenko and the theater was signed on the last week of March.Performance Netrebko will be held June 14, accompanied by the Symphony orchestra of the St. Petersburg theatre, which will be conducted by Valery Gergiev. From messages of that Plushenko will perform several works karaoke. Anna Netrebko, in turn, stand on skates especially for the part of the scene is converted into a skating rink.The rehearsal of this speech is scheduled for the first half of June. Concert of Russian Opera singer is a special project of the festival.International festival "stars of the white nights" will begin on may 25, 2012 and will last until mid-July. During this time in St. Читать полностью -->

`Boy on bike` was released in the Russian car

`Boy on bike` was released in the Russian car A film by the Dardenne brothers "Boy on bike", which received the Grand Prix at last year's festival in Cannes, opens on Thursday, March 22, limited in the Russian hire, informs RIA "news" referring to the company "Cinema without borders"."The story behind the story "Boy on bike", we came up with quite a long time: this is the story of a woman who helps the boy to escape from prison violence. The very first image - a boy, a bundle of nerves who finds solace through another human being," says Luc Dardenne in an interview published on the website of the film.The role of a boy named Cyril caught up in a shelter because deadbeat father (Olivier Gourmet) has fled to another city, and trying whatever became of this father to find, played by 13-year-old Tom Dore. "We found him like we always are looking for actors of his age: advertised in Newspapers, and then casting, which was attended by about a hundred children. Tom appeared on the very first day - he was the fifth in line, and once it became clear that he'll grow together," recalls Jean-Pierre, and his brother adds that the boy was immediately grabbed all the jobs faster than all taught each scene of the film and meekly endured six weeks of rehearsals and 55 days of filming.Save the hero has the heroine cГ©cile de France. "At first we thought to make Samantha a doctor, but then decided that she should be a hairdresser," explains Jean-Pierre. "We are very firmly set for itself: the viewer does not need to understand why Samantha is drawn to" sirela. Читать полностью -->

Ashton Kutcher visited ex-wife

Ashton Kutcher visited ex-wifeDespite the fact that demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher broke up a few months ago, the actor was visiting his ex-wife during her stay at the hospital.As they say, Ashton did it, because he understood that it was very important for daughters demi". However, according to a source close to the former spouse, regardless manifested Kutcher care towards Moore, that doesn't mean that they'll get back together. Source: Ashton Kutcher visited ex-wife. . . . Читать полностью -->

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