Ilze Liepa rammed police car

Ilze Liepa rammed police carFamous ballerina Ilze Liepa was in a car accident. The artist managed to crash into a police car, passing backwards.Unpleasant for all participants in a car accident the incident occurred on the Slavic area near the house N1. A police car with the included signals stood parked near the curb. However, ballerina Ilze Liepa, apparently, had not noticed it. And when handed back to his SUV Range Rover Sport, crashed into him.According to "Interfax", in the police car, which suddenly became a party to the accident, were traffic police inspector. However, the speed of the car Liepa was quite small, so the 31-year-old senior Lieutenant of police was not injured. However, as the mistress of an SUV, says Life News.Despite the fact that the ballerina and the law enforcement officer did not receive any injuries, their cars need repair.Note that not only Ilze Liepa suffered in recent times in emergency vehicles. Although, for example, the story of the soloist of group "Ivanushki International" Oleg Yakovlev is somewhat different sense. Recall that just recently, the artist left his home and found his parked car - it was stolen. The popular actor three hours after detection of theft called the police. Yakovlev told law enforcement that left Toyota Prado SUV near his house in Novaya Basmannaya street.The hijackers turned out to be pretty professional. They managed to turn off the satellite alarm, which stood on an expensive car. Her last alarm, the police recorded outside the Radio around the house N10. On the fact of theft law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case. And so, as it turned out, the police found the stolen car singer, 40 kilometers from Moscow. The criminals threw the car completely unscathed. Source: Ilze Liepa rammed police car.

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