Pugachev `knocked` on his body the initials of her husband

Pugachev `knocked` on his body the initials of her husband Unbelievable but true. It seems that the fashion for tattoos are not spared and 62-year-old Alla Pugacheva. Singer, two days ago has become a grandmother for the third time, decided to Express his love to a young husband Maxim Galkin.Did this Diva simple proven by many Hollywood stars, by the way - "stuffed" on his body initials of the humorist.Now on the left shoulder Alla Borisovna flaunt two letters - "M" and "G". The singer even managed to "walk" his tattoo at a recent social event. The truth openly flaunt it did not, but under a transparent cloak figure was viewed very clearly.By the way, tattoo Pugacheva did own master rapper Timati. Now the main thing that Alla Borisovna has not followed in his footsteps is a bad example, as it is known - is contagious. Source: Pugachev "knocked" on his body the initials of her husband.

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Woodward's name was one of eight drawn at random from the original 1,558 and inscribed on eight prototype stars that were built while litigation was still holding up permanent construction. The Joanne Woodward legend may have originated, according to one source, because she was the first to pose with her star for photographers.

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