Demi Moore banned cell phone use

Demi Moore banned cell phone useFamous Hollywood actress demi Moore, at the head of which has recently dropped a lot of trouble, went to a luxury drug treatment rehab to recuperate. The artist was forbidden to use a mobile phone and look at the reading of the scale.Actress demi Moore was another stellar patient rehab center Cirque Lounge, located in Utah. Earlier, his clients were actress Eva Mendes, Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen and others. This is a fairly enclosed area, located away from urban infrastructure. There the artist, who suffers from anorexia and addiction to drugs, is undergoing treatment. It is known that demi is strictly forbidden to look at the arrow weights."It is a common practice in the clinic - not to show to clients suffering from nutritional problems, the scale of weights. Weighing happen every day or even several times a day to make sure that patients do not continue to lose weight", - quotes the clinic staff to "Express newspaper". Doctors make every effort to have their patients were not put on the weight, which can only worsen their shaky morale. By the way, now Moore weighs only 45 pounds.Employee of the rehab center explained: "demi is not abused, if she eats enough. It was surrounded by care and trying to make her feel safe. Because she also has a dependence on drugs, doctors are working on this problem." It is known that a celebrity will be in the clinic at least 60 days.The fact that anorexia is a serious illness requiring lengthy treatment. The patient can feel the improvement in his condition after three months. While demi Moore lives in a room by herself, but soon it can accommodate another patient. The little actress with whom he is talking, she even took a cell phone so it is once again not nervous. Source: demi Moore banned cell phone use.

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