Wife porokhovshikova took his own life

Wife porokhovshikova took his own life Still two weeks before the tragic death of Irina Porokhovshikova close warned the patient of the actor, his wife is on the verge of suicide.According to close friends of Irina Porokhovshikova, two weeks before her tragic death, they don't just repeat the actor that Irina is on the verge of suicide.First alert scored a close friend of the family Marina. Woman, no longer able to look, in what a sad state of Alexander's wife, and asked her to seek help from professionals.- It is in a state of profound depression, I'm afraid to leave her alone, because she can hang herself, then said 44-year-old Marina. - I told this to Alexander Shalvovich, but he just shrugs says that everything is fine.That happened with Irina Porokhovshikova, according to Marina, the role played by relatives of the actor.Sister and nieces and Alexander has literally plagued his 42-year-old spouse with accusations that she divulged the media details of hospitalization 72-year-old artist.- They do she was peck, when Alexander Shalvovich was taken by ambulance, said a friend of the couple. She was no one to intercede.Recall that the relationship between Alexander Havlovice and his sister became strained after Porokhovshchikov defended in court their rights to the apartment late father.Side view of psychologists, advice which Irina never agreed to attend, the wife of a famous actor was in depression, triggered by problems with alcohol.The reason lies not in the crisis in relations with the spouse, - commented the therapist Ramil Garifullin. - This condition could cause the alcohol, which she was abused, with Alexander Havlovice we have talked about this.Close Porokhovshikova all the forces trying to prevent trouble. Not being able to convince the actor that his wife needs help, they organized in family home around the clock, seriously fearing that when he came one morning, will see Irina alive.However, in the most critical moment beside Irina was not there. As predicted a close family, the wife of the famous actor took his own life.On the table inconsolable the actor's wife left a note: "to Live without Sasha does not want and will not. Olya, Tanya, take care of Adena, please! Love Sasha and want to be with him. Irina Porokhovshikova.".

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