Whitney Houston begged for money to buy drugs from the driver

Whitney Houston begged for money to buy drugs from the driver50-year-old driver Oleg Novels that dealt with many years in the limousine the legend of the world of pop music, told the "th" in recent years, become addicted to antidepressants Whitney literally beg money from him to run to the pharmacy.- Now everybody's talking, she was good, but believe me, this is only one side of the coin, - says the driver. I could see Whitney quite different: a very sick, emaciated man. She constantly tried to slip to the pharmacy, and nobody could stop them. A tip she did not pay. On the contrary, I was constantly occupied. Sometimes, I will start to beg you for 75 cents, a dollar, five. Please help me with the money, told me there is a few cents is not enough, - says Oleg. In total, Houston owes about $ 250.According to Romanov, the last time Houston was never in his money - no cash, no credit cards. Apparently, so the family was trying to wean the singer from bad addictions.Romanov, who has been working for over 10 years at a large new York carriage company of celebrities, Houston hired every time travelled or traveled with tours of the USA. The last time Oleg saw the superstar, she looked quite bad.OpinionIs in the clips she glows with happiness, but in fact were constant stress, addiction to alcohol, drugs, sadly the driver says.All that's left Oleg from Whitney after years of cooperation, is her crumpled business card. Photographed with customers or receive from them any gifts to the drivers of the company is strictly prohibited. Source: Whitney Houston begged for money to buy drugs from the driver.

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