`Buranovskie grandmothers` was accused of plagiarism

`Buranovskie grandmothers` was accused of plagiarism Funny song Party for everybody, which "Buranovskie grandmother" won the Russian national selection for Eurovision, may be disqualified.Music experts say that the composition, authored by Victor Drobysh, plagiarism, and double.In the Internet appeared the video, proving that the first lyric of the Party for everybody literally quotes the soundtrack to the film "house of the sun" - "will Flash" group "Kalinov the bridge", and the second is painfully reminiscent of good old hit Ingrid - Tu es fortu. Watch the video!Of course, a simple country woman in music do not understand, because I had no idea that they slipped not the original song. At the moment it is unclear what the outcome of this story, but if the fact of plagiarism will prove, in Baku will go Dima Bilan and Julia Volkova. Recall that recently the couple was actively contested victory "Buranovskie grandmothers", arguing that the first place they took.Source: "Buranovskie grandmothers" was accused of plagiarism.

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