`Boy on bike` was released in the Russian car

`Boy on bike` was released in the Russian car A film by the Dardenne brothers "Boy on bike", which received the Grand Prix at last year's festival in Cannes, opens on Thursday, March 22, limited in the Russian hire, informs RIA "news" referring to the company "Cinema without borders"."The story behind the story "Boy on bike", we came up with quite a long time: this is the story of a woman who helps the boy to escape from prison violence. The very first image - a boy, a bundle of nerves who finds solace through another human being," says Luc Dardenne in an interview published on the website of the film.The role of a boy named Cyril caught up in a shelter because deadbeat father (Olivier Gourmet) has fled to another city, and trying whatever became of this father to find, played by 13-year-old Tom Dore. "We found him like we always are looking for actors of his age: advertised in Newspapers, and then casting, which was attended by about a hundred children. Tom appeared on the very first day - he was the fifth in line, and once it became clear that he'll grow together," recalls Jean-Pierre, and his brother adds that the boy was immediately grabbed all the jobs faster than all taught each scene of the film and meekly endured six weeks of rehearsals and 55 days of filming.Save the hero has the heroine cГ©cile de France. "At first we thought to make Samantha a doctor, but then decided that she should be a hairdresser," explains Jean-Pierre. "We are very firmly set for itself: the viewer does not need to understand why Samantha is drawn to" sirela. No psychological explanation we were not needed. Cecile asked a few questions about the motivations of her character, but we replied that Samantha just being there and all. And she have trusted us," continues Luke.The result was unusually optimistic for the brothers story. "We decided to construct the film as a kind of fairy tale: there are bad characters that make the boy lose the illusion, and Samantha who is actually a fairy. We almost called the whole story "modern fairy tale", explains Jean-Pierre, adding that to remove the character, which in the first place are not their own and others ' interests, is not an easy task, "but the shooting occurred in the summer, which helped to give the film a certain brightness and softness, and Cecile de France is a perfect portrayal of these qualities on the screen.Belgium's Dardenne brothers are the permanent members of the Cannes competition: in 1999 they won the "Rosetta", in 2005 with the film "Child", "Son" (2002) brought them to the permanent actor Olivier Gourmet "Palme d'or" for best actor, and "the Silence of Lorna" - a prize for the script.Source: "Boy on bike" was released in the Russian car.

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