DiCaprio will play `the wolf of wall street`

DiCaprio will play `the wolf of wall street`Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming up with Martin Scorsese for the fifth time. Talented film Director, producer and screenwriter will remove the story about the collapse of the broker with the Hollywood star in the lead role.The next project of Martin Scorsese, whose 3D-the tale of "the time Keeper" was awarded five Oscars, returns to cinema for adults. Oscar-winning Director will film "the wolf of wall street" based on the memoirs of Jordan Belfort.About this man on the exchanges were legendary. Belfort earned his firm Stratton Oakomnt billions squandered it on drugs and yachts, RIA Novosti reported. In the end, he got burned on a partnership with shoemaker Steve Madden and in 1998 was in prison for financial fraud and money laundering.Thanks to cooperation with the FBI, he escaped from prison after less than two years, he quit drinking and now earns a living as a corporate trainer. Belfort took a direct part in lasted four years working on the script that was written by the author of "the Sopranos" and "Boardwalk Empire's" Terence winter."In fact, "the Wolf of wall street" is a story about the emergence in new York of new, modern gangsters, a new demonstrate the pursuit of luxury, greed and arrogance," said Riza Aziz, whose Studio Red Granite will produce a picture.Leonardo DiCaprio will star in Scorsese for the fifth time. Their collaboration began with "Gangs of new York" in 2002, continued "the Aviator" in 2004, brought her an Oscar for "the Departed" in 2006 and enthusiastic review of "shutter Island" in 2010. Source: DiCaprio will play "the wolf of wall street"".

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