Sinead O'connor hospitalized

Sinead O'connor hospitalizedThe famous Irish singer Sinead O'connor, received a second wave of popularity after marriage length in 16 days and attempted suicide, was hospitalized. The actress said that being treated for depression.Irish singer shared the news with his many admirers in the microblog. Fans feared for the moral condition of his idol after the termination of a hasty marriage."I'll be in touch some time. But I'll be back. Don't worry. I will be hospitalized and will be treated for depression. With me all is not well. But they quickly put me on my feet! Doctors at the hospital are very professional. To go to them for help was the right decision. To worry about me don't. Need to worry when a depressed person resides, and a visit to the specialist pulls. And I'll be okay", - quotes the singer website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Meanwhile it became known that Sinead O'connor has established a relationship with a former spouse Barry Harrigan. The actress spoke about this in his microblog. This is good news, however, did not save the singer from severe nervous exhaustion and the effects of stress associated with divorce after 16 days of marriage. However, it is still accurate and it is unknown whether divorced Sinead and Barry. The artist prefers not to return to this sharp for her subject.Recall, for the famous Irish this is the fourth marriage. And the fact that it ended with the same result as the previous three, could not help but reflect on the state of the singer in a most sad way. In addition, the actress did not hide the addiction to illegal substances, that could also negatively affect the performer. Source: Sinead O'connor hospitalized.

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