Classic cinema has died after hitting motorcyclist

Classic cinema has died after hitting motorcyclistIn the hospital of the Greek city of Piraeus died prominent film Director Theodoros Angelopoulos, reports the Associated Press.The Director was taken to the hospital in critical condition after he was hit by a motorcycle, the doctors immediately put him on a respirator. However, all efforts of physicians were in vain: T. Angelopoulos died in the night of Wednesday, January 25.Meanwhile, the motorcyclist, who was a policeman, also needed medical help, the information about his condition specified.The accident occurred in a place where work is underway on the film "the Other sea" - the last part of the trilogy 76-year-old master. T. Angelopoulos was crossing the road when he was hit by a motorcyclist.T. Angelopoulos was born in 1935. First short film he directed in 1968. In the 1970s he created a series of short films dedicated to the history of Greece in the twentieth century: "the Days of 1936", "the Comedians" and "Hunters". Renowned for their style, which is characterized by slow narration and long shots (in the film "the Comedians" at 230 minutes of screen time accounts for only 80 frames).Among his works is the painting "Alexander the Great", "Athens, Acropolis", "Beekeeper", "Look of Ulysses", "Lumiere and company", "to each his own cinema" and "Dust of time".The work of T. Angelopoulos six times were selected in the main program of the Cannes film festival and four of them have won awards. In 1998. the film received a "Palme d'or" for the film "eternity and a day". He also won the "Golden lion at the festival in Venice and five times was awarded the top prize for best Greek film at the international film festival in Thessaloniki.In the year 2000. T. Angelopoulos chaired the jury of the XXII Moscow international film festival. Source: classic cinema has died after hitting motorcyclist.

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