Kirkorov became the best musician of the past year

Kirkorov became the best musician of the past yearAccording to the survey, musician of the year for the second time became Philip (11% vs. 8% a year ago). The three leaders as a year ago, entered Nikolay Baskov and Stas Mikhailov (8% each).Best actor 2011 - Sergey Bezrukov as a year ago, with 9%. Second place goes to Maxim Averin and Yevgeny Mironov (4%).Top writers of the last year - mystery writers Boris Akunin and Darya Dontsova, unchanged leaders of the last two years (3%). In second place - Tatyana Ustinova (2%). This is followed by Marinina, Victor Pelevin, Maxim Veller, Mikhail Zadornov (1%). The talk show "Let them talk" for the third year in a row becomes a favorite for Russians (16%). In second place - news (7%). It is followed by "let's get married" and "Wait for me" (4%).The best television series of the year is recognized as "Matchmakers" (12%). The silver went to "Grouse", the leader of last year (8%). Next come the "Interns", "Univer" (4%). The main film of the year was "Vysotsky. Thank God I'm alive" (9%). On the second place - "Avatar", the leader of last year (3%) and "Burnt by the sun-2" (3%). The survey was conducted on 24-25 December 2011. The respondents were 1600 persons in 138 settlements in 46 regions, territories and republics of the country. Source: Kirkorov became the best musician of the past year.

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