Vera Brezhnev has changed beyond recognition

Vera Brezhnev has changed beyond recognition In the new video for the song Sexy Bambina Vera Brezhnev returned to the usual image of a sexy seductress. However, the image she changed, first appeared on screen with dark hair.Admittedly, brunette she looks no worse than a blonde. In the clip Vera appeared in the role of a seductive and mysterious singer that literally stripped the eyes of men. Well, in order to more vividly visualize greedy glances, the Director has used a couple of Dobermans that rip Brezhneva pieces of lace dresses. To admit, it all looks a little spooky - a bit too aggressive acting dogs. As for songs, if you do not see the video, it is possible to think that singing "VIA gra". This is neither good nor bad, just weird. Look!Source: Vera Brezhnev has changed beyond recognition.

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