Relatives are trying to deprive the daughter of a Houston legacy

Relatives are trying to deprive the daughter of a Houston legacyIn the family of the late Whitney Houston emerged with force of passion. Relatives of the artist are trying to deprive the sole heiress actress, daughter Bobbi Kristina brown, one billionth of a condition.Less than a month after the unexpected death of a Hollywood star and singer Whitney Houston, as all her relatives managed to quarrel. The reason is simple - inheritance. It is estimated at serious $ 1.6 billion. The sole heir is recognized as the daughter of Whitney Houston and her former husband Bobby brown Bobbi Kristina. However, the family of the Houston rockets tries to restrict access to 19-year-old girl to such a sum of money.The fact that relatives are seriously concerned about the condition of Bobbi Kristina. The girl is considered to be a difficult teenager. She has managed to be caught and on the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. Family Houston believes that Bobbi Kristina will simply pull 1.6 billion dollars on their dubious pleasure."The cocaine was almost killed Bobby. Twice recently she was urgently taken to the hospital. With 17 years she kept saying, I'm just like mom. For any teenager big money means trouble, but they can turn into a complete disaster," quoting a close friend of the family Life News. Meanwhile, according to the terms of the marriage contract, ex-husband of Whitney Houston Bobby brown, which tacitly accused that he hoisted the singer for drugs, will not receive a dime from billion fortunes.By the way, such a large amount of inheritance Houston is calculated not only on the value of real estate and concert earnings of the singer, but also on income from sales of records and merchandise with Whitney and performances themed show, organized in honor of the legendary pop diva.Recall that Whitney Houston died in a hotel room Beverly Hilton in Beverly hills on February 12. Death stated arrived on a call the paramedics. The singer was 48 years, she was treated for drug addiction. The investigation of the causes of death Houston, discovered in the tub, not completed. Source: Relatives are trying to deprive the daughter of a Houston legacy.

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