Massage therapists have accused John Travolta of sexual harassment

Massage therapists have accused John Travolta of sexual harassmentTwo masseurs accused known 58-year-old Hollywood actor John Travolta of sexual harassment and demand moral compensation in the amount of two million dollars. Representatives of the artist deny everything.The first victim who introduced himself as John DOE, alleges that on 16 January 2012 had a massage with John Travolta at a hotel in Beverly hills. Allegedly, the actor found himself massage therapist whose services are $ 200 per session, and came after him on your own car.First, according to the "victim" Travolta, all went well, but after a while Hollywood celebrity started touching massage for intimate places and offer to make him back massages. John understood and denied to the star that Travolta got sore, paid massage therapist twice and drove transmit Life News.Angered by the masseur filed a lawsuit to the court and requires moral compensation in the amount of two million dollars. Rose scandal, the oil which poured another victim of "harassment" actor massage therapist. He did not reveal his name, but also sued. In a statement, he said that was the victim of molestation Hollywood actor January 26 of this year at one of the hotels in Atlanta.Both the massage therapist was silent about the incident for fear that they will not be believed. The lawyer of victims reported that he continues to receive treatment from other possible victims of harassment Travolta. "Mr. Travolta managed to evade justice, but I'm not afraid. I'm ready to fight him", - quotes the representative plaintiffs "Echo of Moscow".Meanwhile the official representative of John Travolta's attorney Martin singer called the accusations "absurd and ridiculous". "Our client will be acquitted of all charges in court on these absurd and trumped up charges" - quoted by BBC singer. Moreover, the protection actor will file a counterclaim. It seems to be at their disposal, there is evidence that Travolta on January 16 was not even in a city where everything is, according to the version of the masseur, and has happened, reports NTV.Recall that John Travolta more than 20 years married to actress Kelly Preston, and they have three children together. But every now and then there was information pointing to homosexuality Hollywood stars: the paparazzi caught Travolta kissing a guy on the plane, secular chroniclers will remember sins from the set of "Saturday night Fever". Source: massage Therapists have accused John Travolta of sexual harassment.

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