Investigators are looking for the true cause of death of Whitney Houston

Investigators are looking for the true cause of death of Whitney HoustonObviously, filled with wonderful songs and murderous destruction of the life of Whitney Houston ended in the bathtub at the Beverly Hilton on the eve of the ceremony of the Grammy awards.But will, probably, weeks before investigators find out the cause of her death. The result States that at the request of the detectives involved in the investigation into the death of the singer, will not disclose the results of Sunday opening. Houston was found in the bathtub of his hotel room, however the Deputy chief coroner ed winter (Ed Winter) refused to report on the condition of the room and about the evidence that had been discovered by investigators.Body Houston was no obvious sign of injury or violent death, however, the representatives of the investigating authorities do not exclude any possible cause, saying that waiting for the results of toxicology tests, which may take several weeks. Police Lieutenant Beverly hills mark Rosen Mark Rosen) said that his office can provide additional details about the death of Houston on Monday, but this will depend on, consider whether the investigators the possibility of disclosing any information.Autopsy results were not disclosed and some other high-profile cases in Los Angeles. In particular, the results of the autopsy of Michael Jackson was kept secret for several weeks while investigators look into the events surrounding his death which occurred in June 2009. The results of toxicology tests are often necessary before the coroner will inform the official cause of death.One of my companions Houston men Thursday found that the 48-year-old singer did not return calls from your hotel room at the Beverly Hilton hotel. It happened just a few hours before she was to appear at a gala performance before the awards ceremony "Grammy".The ceremony itself turned into a kind of commemoration of Houston, who won six times this award. Rapper All cool j at the beginning of the show presented a video clip in which radiant Whitney Houston sings his famous song "I Will Always Love You".Other performers have included Bonnie Raitt and Stevie wonder joined by chanting the praises of Houston, and Jennifer Hudson completed the statement agitated rendition of "I Will Always Love You" that ended very personal stitching "Whitney, we love you." Sunday is the most popular song most downloaded on iTunes, this was the most famous song of the singer.Meanwhile, the daughter of Houston Sunday morning was taken by car "ambulance" in a Los Angeles hospital, where she later was discharged. Close to the family source, who did not want to say anything about this delicate matter, reported that she was treated for stress and anxiety. 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina brown, which Houston daughter from his marriage to singer Bobby brown, last week accompanied the mother on several events in the framework of the ceremony of "Grammy"."Now we ask about the privacy, especially for my daughter Bobbi Kristina - written by Bobby brown in a statement that was published an hour after sending his daughter from the hotel to the hospital. - I appreciate all the condolences that were sent to my family and me during this very difficult time".After becoming a sensation from his first album, Whitney Houston was an extremely popular singer whose songs have been bestsellers since the mid-1980s to the late 1990-ies. It was awe-inspiring millions with his high soaring singing, which has learned during the execution of the Gospels in the Church. Houston has brought it to perfection, singing songs for the masses and becoming a kind of bridge between the earthly passion of her godmother Aretha Franklin and energetic pop rhythms of her cousin the Dion Warwick.The success of Houston moved her from the world of music in the world of cinema, where it has become a rare black-skinned actress, bringing a big commercial success pictures with her participation. She has performed lead roles in hits such as "the Bodyguard" and "waiting To exhale".The Bishop and the Texas preacher T. D. Jakes, who became the producer of the latest film Houston, a remake of the 1970-ies called "Sparkle", stated that he had not noticed any signs that she had problems with drugs or medicines. According to him, Houston was a true professional, and two months ago was forced to cry the cast and crew when she sang in Detroit gospel under the name "Her Eyes on the Sparrow" to scenes from the movie."When I worked with her on "Sparkle", there was no sign of internal struggle in her life, said Sunday Jakes. She has made all of us a lasting impression".In the preparation of the manuscript participated Nekesa Mumbi Moody (Nekesa Mumbi Moody), Andrew Dalton (Andrew Dalton), Adrian Sainz (Adrian Sainz), Bruce Shipkowski (Bruce Shipkowski) and Hillel Italy (Hillel Italie). Source: Investigators are looking for the true cause of death of Whitney Houston.

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