A woman got kicked out of a performance at the Bolshoi theatre

A woman got kicked out of a performance at the Bolshoi theatreMusic critic and columnist for one of the capital's Newspapers sued the Bolshoi theatre, demanding compensation for moral damages in the amount of two million rubles.Mary Babalawo that came to the show as a spectator, actually kicked out of the hall under the pretext of its professional activity.According to Babalawos, October 2, 2011 as a spectator and not as a representative of the media, came to the Bolshoi theatre to see the play. According to her, before the action of the whole auditorium was the announcement that the show was closed to the press and it will not start until Babalova leaves room, however, the woman refused to leave."As a result I was forced to leave the hall of the guards, their action I had suffered physical injury - the soft tissue injuries of the right shoulder and abrasions of the left hand, and suffered damage to business reputation", - quotes RIA Novosti the claim of the journalist.As compensation of moral harm Babalova requested the court to charge the Bolshoi theatre two million rubles, and also to oblige the theatre to make a formal apology by publishing the text on the official website. Process in a civil case is scheduled for may 10.We will remind, yesterday in the Tver court of Moscow has completed the next process in respect of the Bolshoi theatre. The capital resident Svetlana Voronina required to force the theatre to remove from the repertoire of the Opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila" in a new production and pay her one million rubles for "mental suffering", however, the court dismissed the lawsuit, reports IA "Rosbalt".A new vision of the classic Opera based on Pushkin's works, directed by Dmitri Tcherniakov, was presented at the Bolshoi on 2 November last year. The reaction of the audience was mixed: it was heard as shouts of "Bravo!", and "Shame!". According to Voronina, the show "was a subtle psychological experiment on the audience, the mockery of the composer Glinka and his Opera, the entire Russian culture, denigrating the image of the Russian people: the scenery on the stage, the costumes, gestures and exclamations singers - all impose a direct Association with drunk Horny Orgy".The action of the Opera takes place in a brothel, in addition, the performance is recommended for viewers over the age of 14 years. People's artist of the USSR Elena Obraztsova, who was to play the role of Naina, refused to participate in the production, stating "its artistic soul has not adopted a new interpretation," writes the BBC.Note, "Ruslan and Lyudmila" is not the first controversial statement in Large. In March 2005, the theatre hosted the premiere of the Opera "Rosenthal's Children" directed by Eimuntas of Nekrosius, the libretto for which was written by Vladimir Sorokin. The play caused such a strong resonance that the walls of the theatre were pickets and protests. In 2006, the scandal happened after the premiere of a new Opera, "Eugene Onegin", also staged Tcherniakov. Source: Woman drove with a performance at the Bolshoi theatre.

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