24-year-old lover made an offer to the Madonna

24-year-old lover made an offer to the MadonnaPopular singer Madonna waited still offers of marriage from his young lover Brahim Zaibat. However, the actress is in no hurry to tie the knot.It became known that the 24-year-old beloved 53-year-old singer asked her to marry him. It happened in the Kabbalistic center in new York, Madonna and Brahim visit every Saturday. "Brahim did Madonna proposal in new York a few weeks ago, but she hasn't responded. She promised to think about it. Madonna is in no hurry to rush headlong into a new marriage" - quoted a close friend of the singer "Express newspaper".Apparently, Madonna is in no hurry to enter into married life after a painful breakup with her ex-husband Director guy Ritchie. Artist on the emotions stated that "I would rather throw myself under a train than marry again". Additionally, recall, and her first marriage, with Hollywood actor Sean Penn, also ended joylessly. However Brahim Zaibat he thinks that he can make his beloved happy.Meanwhile, his efforts were not in vain. In January, Madonna in one of the interviews said that they were ready for the third time to try your luck and married again. "Every girl dreams that her feet fell knight in shining armor. Even if we are intelligent, educated, intelligent, deep down we still believe that sooner or later will be a Prince on a white horse who will take us into the sunset and we'll live happily ever after," dreaming like a girl, Madonna.It is reported that friends of the artist is clearly not happy with the proposals Brahim Zaibat. They simply do not believe that Madonna should get married. "She's afraid to be alone, and very important to her that her life was a man younger than her, which made her feel young," notes my same friend from the environment of the singer. In turn, Zaibat introduced his famous beloved mother, who lives in France and is Muslim. She's eight years younger than Madonna, reports the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Source: 24-year-old lover made an offer to the Madonna.

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