Rooney Mara will play in the `Side effects` Soderbergh

Rooney Mara will play in the `Side effects` SoderberghThe actress has agreed to take in pharmacological Thriller by Steven Soderbergh.The plot of the film "Side effects" the main character gets depressed and starts to take pills that regulate a person's mood. The situation is aggravated by the husband of the woman who has serious problems with the law. "This story is about how society is intolerant against poor people and thus makes them vulnerable," explained writer "Side effects" Scott burns.In addition to Rooney Mara, who after the success of the film "the girl with the dragon tattoo" became hyperosteogeny and even received a nomination for the award "Oscar", Soderberg invited to his new picture Jude law, Blake lively, Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Most interesting is that under a large-scale project still has not found funding. However, Soderbergh have until April - it was then scheduled to begin shooting the film. Source: Rooney Mara will play in the "Side effects" Soderbergh.

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