In rolling out a new drama loungin `Conductor`

In rolling out a new drama loungin `Conductor` Director Pavel Lungin is Tuesday, March 20, at the Central house of writers in Moscow his new film "Conductor".The film will be in wide Russian cinemas on March 29, and Easter his show on TV. Starring in the film was played by Lithuanian actor Vladas Bagdonas and Inga obadina, Karen Badalov, Sergei Koltakov, Sergei Barkovsky and Daria Moroz."This film began with music, or rather, with the fact that I met with Metropolitan Hilarion of Alphaeus (Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion. - Approx. ed. and he let me listen to his oratorio "St. Matthew Passion", - said the Director. - He had the idea to create the film with his music, which would have shown the temples, frescoes, preserved in old dilapidated monasteries in Serbia and Montenegro. Music me completely captured, but I didn't want to do this traditionally documentary".According to Pavel Lungin, later a new idea: "We tried to connect a simple story of household with highly spiritual Symphony musical work. After all, as, for example, to convey a sense of faith? It's intangible, but it's there. Can't be all the time in prayer, to live a normal life, but the presence of their faith to feel constantly".An external outline of events of the new film is simple - this is the story of the trip the conductor and his orchestra to Jerusalem to perform the oratorio, ITAR-TASS reported. "This music sounds continuously, then to be realized already in the final concert, the real performance artists," explained Pavel Lungin. - It has a marvelous effect, the marvelous transformation of household images and music into something third. I cared, inspired. And I think that is a very interesting experience".The Director is confident that another miracle in the film is Jerusalem, Vesti reports. "Everyone who has visited Jerusalem returned absolutely shocked, amused, inspired, - said Pavel Lungin. - What is their secret, where is it hidden? I didn't understand how to catch, how to catch a special tone, the melody of this city. As a result, I think we did, everything came together: the music, the city, our heroes. However, the judge, not me.".

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