Rihanna ended up in hospital after `hot` party

Rihanna ended up in hospital after `hot` partyPopular Barbadian singer Rihanna was hospitalized after a "hot" party. Doctors gave the artist a diagnosis of "dehydration" and "exhaustion". The environment of the singer seriously concerned about her turbulent lifestyle.The singer was annealed at a party on the occasion of the annual ball of fashion in new York that he was in the hospital. Although the singer the day before complained of feeling unwell, close Rihanna sounded the alarm, claiming that her "wild" lifestyle won't bring the star to the good."Rihanna has always loved to hang out, but in recent months she just lost control over myself. She drinks almost every day and smoke marijuana. Everyone is talking to her, so she slowed down, and even sought professional help," quoting a close friend of the singer Life News. In the end, right from the party the singer was admitted to the hospital.However, only regaining consciousness, Rihanna decided not to change yourself and pleased many fans a fresh photo directly from a hospital ward. The actress has already shot the arm attached to it with a dropper and inadvertently demonstrated very long nails black. The artist herself has not commented on their stay in the hospital.Meanwhile, Rihanna continues to shock not only the public, but fans. The singer said about his bisexuality. This happened shortly after the paparazzi saw Rihanna with her best friend Melissa Forde. In a very revealing costumes girls touching holding hands. Everything would be harmless, if a black celebrity the next day, wrote in his own microblog: "This is my beloved on this night," referencing nick girls - @mforde11. Rihanna also wrote about his outfit - that evening, the star decided to wear a sexy garter belt and white dress-shirt. Source: Rihanna ended up in hospital after hot party.

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