Marat Basharov told about his feelings for ex-wife

Marat Basharov told about his feelings for ex-wifeFamous actor Marat Basharov more often appears at various social events and is mentioned in combination with the name of the figure skater Tatiana skill sets than in films.About his personal life goes a lot of rumors, and divorce with the civil wife Lisa was a real surprise. The actor said that just doesn't appreciate what she has."For me there is no limit to perfection. That's the problem: people like me that just can't appreciate what you have, not able to cherish those that so much was achieved, because of what he suffered, what did they spend their nerves. However, I have no regrets" - quotes Marat Basharova the magazine "7 days".The actor admitted that these feelings had only to ex-wife Lisa: "the Woman I lived with for a very long time, with which we have a child together, which I loved - truly, - which radically changed my life." Despite such serious feelings, they broke up. According to Marat, it became apparent that the relationship with Lisa all broke. "Well, why torture each other, to represent something that is already not in sight?" explained Basharov.After breaking up, the pair were able to maintain friendly relations. "Now we live perfectly, even better than when they were family. Sold normally as human beings and has maintained a wonderful relationship. Super!" - said the artist.Lisa is still the Manager Marat Basharova, still working on all of his cases. "We're all okay, we without each other anywhere. Another thing is that she has been living her life, and I am his" - satisfaction Basharov said. The actor told that their home with Lisa are next door, and their daughter Amelie at will lives with his mother, then with my dad.And not a word about the affair with Tatiana navcol. Some evil tongues say that they long ago sold out, and others say that between them and the novel ain't never had. What actually happens between the actor and former figure skater, exactly no one can say. Source: Marat Basharov told about his feelings for ex-wife.

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