Zemfira called the rally on Bolotnaya `miracle`

Zemfira called the rally on Bolotnaya `miracle`"Good evening, Moscow! I would even say: the kindest. All day yesterday - it's a miracle. It was a miracle that happened yesterday no victims, it was a miracle that none of frostbitten nationalists don't have got to the microphone and no one provoked.It's all a miracle, you know? So we have today a well-deserved holiday with a clear conscience," said Zemfira, climbed onto the stage of a Packed Arena Moscow club on December 11.It was the first of two capital concerts, which will complete her European tour 12". Initially as part of a tour in the capital was planned only one concert in Moscow - 11 December, but the tickets were so quickly sold out that after a few days it was decided to hold another performance on December 12. For this concert were sold out all the tickets, passes RIA "Novosti".Two and a half hours of the concert Zemfira managed to sing new songs, such as presented at the last "the Picnic song "Money", and have long known and loved: "Scandal", "abominable", "Walk", "I love you", "Main", "Macho", "Dream", "Take me", "Lord", "Who?", Zero, "Aircraft", "Cigarette" and many others.In total, the singer sang over 30 songs, many of which were barely recognizable - famous for his love of experimentation, Zemfira made a very unusual minimalist arrangements.The audience called three times Zemfira encore, the singer ended the concert with the song "Arrivederci" that whole room was singing along. Source: Zemfira called the rally on Bolotnaya "miracle"".

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