Designers prepare outfits for `Buranovskie grandmothers`

Designers prepare outfits for `Buranovskie grandmothers`Famous clothing designers prepare sketches of outfits for the participants of "Eurovision".The main contenders for the role of the designer concert dresses "Buranovskie grandmothers" to perform at the "Eurovision" - the Creator of "glamorous Khokhloma" Denis Simachev, the grandfather of Russian fashion VyacheslavHares and fashion bankrupt Igor Chapurin. However, it is possible that European designers are able to dress up the Russian contestants.Producer grannies from Udmurtia Victor Drobysh, apparently, not satisfied with the outdated image of the team, therefore, to develop costumes he hooked up the main pros of the country.- We have several designers now preparing development is Simachev, Chapurin and a few more, " said the chief Director of the show "Buranovskie grandmothers" Sergei Shirokov. - This is not a tender, we just want to see proposals for the addition of the scenic image.However, the participants of this idea is not to their liking, they want to keep the Udmurt tradition of folk costume.- For "grandmothers" it's not just costumes, it is also their guardian, - said the producer group Ksenia Rubtsova. Are those aprons, embroidered their great-grandmother, so for them it is very expensive.DesignersBut in the end a compromise was found. Designers will not radically change the conceptual image of old ladies and only slightly update it. While artist languishing in anticipation, the designers work to exclusive sketches.And then I with these sketches will go to "Buranovskie grandmothers" that we defined together with the artists - said Shirokov.Buranovskie pensioner worried, because the sketches they will present in the beginning of next week. Source: Designers prepare outfits for "Buranovskie grandmothers"".

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