Kristina Orbakaite showed newborn daughter

Kristina Orbakaite showed newborn daughter A few days ago in the USA Orbakajte the third time became a mother. The birth went well. Happy parents chose for the baby name - it was named after the great actress and singer.The child has already shown the grandmother - Alla Pugacheva - but still only using video conferencing over the Internet. But the girl still did not appear. However, for the First channel, an exception was made.Welcome to Hollywood! - the sign at the entrance to the town near Miami. It's not the one where you shoot a film, but one that will forever be the person's place of birth, hours of life, which is still easy to fold in mind. In the bright chamber of one of the local clinics family Orbakaite-Zencovich preparing to leave the hospital.Dreamed about it a long time ago. And last autumn research ultrasound confirmed: dreams sometimes come true. Now study each other. Dad - Mikhail Zemtsov - with caution as a precious crystal: this is his first child, Christina Orbakaite, though it has been in this role twice, but the girl's mother - never. Russian Claudius or, in American fashion, Claudia. One day in the road when there was not even known the sex of the baby, Christina noticed this name in the dictionary, then the match - day of birth is had to the day an angel Claudia. For a rare name and were very personal motives."And somehow that's the thought warmed me, and then, of course, Klavdiya Shulzhenko - she's like the godmother of stage mom, then my mother's aunt, sister dad mom - Claudia M., she and my mom's godmother. And we are so used to this name that we have not even imagined!", says Kristina Orbakaite.On the table spring bouquet and the first bear plush is from Moscow grandmother Alla. Reflecting on the name of the baby, happy parents have already filed her granddaughter on Skype."Seeing Claudius, she said: no! Still Orbakaite let them remain brand - actress and singer Christina Orbakajte, and we will have Claudia M. Zemtsov. And I say: well of course, because my family isn't namesakes, there is not a similar name! Therefore, Pugacheva, Orbakaite, Nikita Presnyakov, Denis Baysarov and Claudia Zemtsova," says Kristina Orbakaite.Claudia Zemtsova while impersonating a person of calm and agreeable, but with character, as, indeed, befits this women's dynasty. She does not approve of tight swaddling and requires freedom. But bought Romper and jumpsuits at the first fitting be small heel Peep! At Claudia's outstanding growth.In advance, according to the signs, tried not to buy anything. Therefore, American dad Claudius commits a March for the Essentials in baby store."The doctor asked Christina and me: you will be cutting the umbilical cord? I say: Yes, of course I will. And when the child was born, the scissors she gave", - says Mikhail Zemtsov.From chamber surrounded by flowers Christine transported by wheelchair. No, she feels fine, just these are the rules of the American hospital. To be free, need to overcome the reasons child safety lock system doors. As in the Bank! "laughs Christina. After all, removed the gold reserve!This will never happen again ever - the first time in his life, Claudius goes to the car. A historical journey coincides with the time of feeding.This girl was born in Miami not for reasons of medicine or citizenship. Christine and Moscow were excellent doctors, and American dad she would have been born anywhere in the world. Just few places on earth where her famous mom could feel free, to breathe and at least a couple months to get a portion of personal happiness, which wouldn't mind the paparazzi."Of course, we return, do we have a choice! For many years I was going to be popular, to have people come to my concerts, listened to and liked my songs, watching my movies, so I of course never in my life it won't leave," says Kristina Orbakaite.Ahead - Napoleonic plans: already, maybe in August Orbakajte again will return to the stage. And while the new person has a couple months to get comfortable in this world, which consists of mom, dad, baby cot and angel's first toy.and Claudia Zemtsova," says Kristina Orbakaite.Claudia Zemtsova while impersonating a person of calm and agreeable, but with character, as, indeed, befits this women's dynasty. She does not approve of tight swaddling and requires freedom. But bought Romper and jumpsuits at the first fitting be small heel Peep! At Claudia's outstanding growth.In advance, according to the signs, tried not to buy anything. Therefore, American dad Claudius commits a March for the Essentials in baby store."The doctor asked Christina and me: you will be cutting the umbilical cord? I say: Yes, of course I will. And when the child was born, the scissors she gave", - says Mikhail Zemtsov.From chamber surrounded by flowers Christine transported by wheelchair. No, she feels fine, just these are the rules of the American hospital. To be free, need to overcome the reasons child safety lock system doors. As in the Bank! "laughs Christina. After all, removed the gold reserve!This will never happen again ever - the first time in his life, Claudius goes to the car. A historical journey coincides with the time of feeding.This girl was born in Miami not for reasons of medicine or citizenship. Christine and Moscow were excellent doctors, and American dad she would have been born anywhere in the world. Just few places on earth where her famous mom could feel free, to breathe and at least a couple months to get a portion of personal happiness, which wouldn't mind the paparazzi."Of course, we return, do we have a choice! For many years I was going to be popular, to have people come to my concerts, listened to and liked my songs, watching my movies, so I of course never in my life it won't leave," says Kristina Orbakaite.Ahead - Napoleonic plans: already, maybe in August Orbakajte again will return to the stage. And while the new person has a couple months to get comfortable in this world, which consists of mom, dad, baby cot and angel's first toy.Source: Kristina Orbakaite showed newborn daughter.

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