The hacked emails of Gordon brown

The hacked emails of Gordon brownBritish police launched an investigation into the leak of e-mails of former Prime Minister Gordon brown. About this newspaper The Independent.According to the publication, the subject of a hacker attack could be 20 computers, which store data about the activity of brown as Minister of Finance. Among the hundreds of thousands of stolen messages was, in particular, correspondence with Advisor and lobbyist of the labour party Derek Draper.The hack was allegedly carried out by the order of the British press. As pointed out by The Independent, busy team investigating the wiretapping of British journalists, publications, belonging to News International, the British subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.In News International denied the charges in the theft of correspondence from brown. Scotland Yard refused to comment on the case.Postal perepiska Derek Draper has already been the target of a hacker attack. Published in 2008, I was named brown's "shy", and a year later correspondence with Draper adviser to brown and Damian McBride was the reason for the departure of the last to retire. Policy, in particular, were making plans for the vilification of the Conservative party. Subsequently, brown apologized for the plans of the adviser.In July 2011 Bi-Bi-si" has announced the availability of documents confirming illegal gathering of journalists of The Sunday Times and The Sun, belonging to News International, information about Gordon brown in 2000, when he also served as Minister of Finance.A public inquiry into the wiretapping of British journalists of editions belonging to News International, began in July 2011. During it has information that members of the holding company was also engaged in the hacking of computers. In November 2011, the head of News International James Murdoch announced the possible closure of The Sun, the most famous tabloid the Corporation.Gordon brown was Finance Minister from 1997 to 2007 and as Prime Minister he held from 2007 to 2010. Source: Hackers hacked emails of Gordon brown.

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