Sherlock Holmes will appear in the new series

Sherlock Holmes will appear in the new seriesThe company CBS films about Sherlock Holmes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.The project is called "Elementary" ("Elementary"). The events of the new series will unfold in our days, and the authors will be relocated to the famous detective from London to new York.As a screenwriter on the film will work Robert Doherty. Previously, he participated in the creation of TV series "Dark angel", "Medium" and "Double".From 2010 on BBC One shows TV series "Sherlock", which also tells the story of a modern Sherlock Holmes. The detective in this film, Benedict Cumberbatch plays, and the role of Dr. Watson, Martin Freeman takes the. The audience saw two seasons of "Sherlock", and the authors of the series have already announced a third season. However, the performers of the main roles currently busy with other projects, so new episodes will be introduced no earlier than 2013.In Russia at the present time also is working on the TV series "Sherlock Holmes". Detective in the new Russian version will play Igor Petrenko, and Watson - Andrey Panin. It is expected that the series will be presented spectators closer to the end of 2012. Source: Sherlock Holmes will appear in the new series.

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