Tina Kandelaki doesn't want to leave STS

Tina Kandelaki doesn't want to leave STSAs reported by RBC with reference to the Kandelaki, she decided to stay on TV because of the program "The cleverest". According to Tina, in the last days, she received many letters from parents of program participants who ask her not to leave the project. Parents write that their children are "horrified" by her care. It is for these children Tina and changed my mind.Recall that a sharp turn in his career Kandelaki decided to make after another leading STS, Michael Schatz, accused Tina that she is in conversation with the channel management has spoken out about the dubiousness of the videos of Michael and his wife Tatyana Lazareva calling to come to the rally on 24 December (details). "Vyacheslav Murugov, General producer of CTC ) was in a very delicate situation, to require it to review and retell our conversation with him I can't. But to continue the work on the canal in the circumstances, I don't consider such. I think that without justice and truth our cooperation needs to stop," wrote then Tina in his blog. As well as stated that will be served on Michael Schatz in the court.Photo: "Apostle Media" Source: Tina Kandelaki doesn't want to leave STS.

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