Singer Mollie king has her eye on Prince Harry

Singer Mollie king has her eye on Prince HarryPrince Harry meets with popular singer Mollie king. However, the lovers prefer not to advertise their relationship.Now the paparazzi literally chasing 24-year-old singer Mollie king. Recently a girl was caught with a friend in a time when they were shopping. Many secular chroniclers noted blue top artist, as you know, blue is the color of the Royal family. Herself Molly prefers not to comment about what she's having an affair with Prince Harry. However, some publications refer to friends of the couple, and they state that these two are head over ears in love with each other", reports the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Recall, Mollie king and Prince Harry met a couple of years ago at the Cup Asprey World Class Polo. Prince plays this Royal game, and Molly was a cheerleader and cheered for their favorite team. Recently a couple seen together at parties in London Nightclubs. According to their common friends, Molly and Harry tried to keep his affair secret.But the lovers did not work. They noticed in the club "Bunga Bunga" last week. Until three in the morning Mollie king and Prince Harry sang karaoke, and then separately went home. But that was enough secular chroniclers immediately "searched" all the details of her personal life, Molly. They found that in February the singer has split from her model boyfriend David Gandy.By the way, Prince Harry is currently also quite free. He broke off the relationship with Chelsea Davy, who had been his fiancГ©e for several years. Meanwhile, evil tongues noted the amazing similarity of his ex-girlfriend and Molly king.Himself Prince Harry seems rather pessimistic refers to the ability to find a happy love. In a recent interview with CBS, he lamented: "Look at me, I'm already 27 years old. I not looking for one that would fit the role of wives, and the one that was willing to take on all the responsibilities." Source: Singer Mollie king has her eye on Prince Harry.

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