Irina Allegrova leaves Russia forever

Irina Allegrova leaves Russia foreverPopular performer with a unique huskiness in the voice of Irina Allegrova recently announced its imminent departure from the scene.However, this change in the singer's life does not end there: the actress says she's moving to Italy, where he bought the bakery plant.Famous singer Irina Allegrova is not only a farewell tour, but the sale of his real estate. It turns out the actress, soon to be 60 years old, decided to drastically change her life. Allegrova bought in Tuscany bakery plant and soon will be engaged in the confectionery business, says the newspaper "Your day". Will Irina Allegrova as successful as a Baker, how she is a successful singer, will show the future.As it turned out, the purchase of such an expensive object like a bakery plant, was made possible thanks to the sale of real estate in Moscow. However, Allegrova, according to the publication, has decided not to confine it, and at the same time sells more furniture and cars.A close friend of the actress explained her decision to emigrate: "first of All, in Italy more favorable climate. Secondly, nobody knows it, so you can safely go to the streets of the city." The same friend Allegrova suggested that it might leave one apartment in Moscow, and from time to time to come here to visit friends, but this is unlikely. The very same "Empress" has not commented on this information.Recall that the statement of Irina Allegrova about the imminent end of his singing career literally plunged into shock many fans of the actress. At the end of October at the concert in Kiev, the singer said: "In March 2012 I'm in my creative life announce farewell tour concert activity and I want you all to see just to say goodbye. Scared even herself. See confusion in the eyes of the women, I say quite frankly!" Source: Irina Allegrova leaves Russia forever.

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