Kirsten dunst's getting married

Kirsten dunst's getting marriedProbably very soon, this gifted actress will go to the Church altar to the music of wedding bells. Kirsten dunst and her boyfriend, actor Garrett Hedlund, already discussing marriage ceremony!"Kirsten and Garrett together just a few months, but they are crazy about each other," reveals a source close to the pair. All last week the young people spent in Utah at the Sundance film festival."Kirsten until recently was not going to settle down, but in the face of Garrett she found a guy she really comfortable. They became completely inseparable, so that the question of marriage is already under discussion, and everything is thought of," added the same source.Dunst recently admitted that in their relationship she like what Garrett it constantly surprises."When it comes to meeting people, I don't care what you do in this life. If you make me laugh, you're a good person; it is important for me to be surprised, and to be honest with each other, " said she.29-year-old actress also believes it is important to keep some independence in a relationship, otherwise the romance will most likely fade."It is important to have a life of their own. Once you begin to deny yourself too much, everything goes awry," believes that fine and thoughtful girl. Source: Kirsten dunst's getting married.

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