Died actor in a television series `Capercaillie` Sergey Eroshkin

Died actor in a television series `Capercaillie` Sergey EroshkinOver the past few months is the third artist of the popular series died with their boots on.According to the experts, the victim near Ryazan in the home of the parents of 41-year-old Sergei Sharashkin waited until will remain in the house and one committed suicide. This writes Lifenews.ru.The parents of the actor told investigators that his son would visit them very rarely, and this time it came completely without warning. Older people claim that never kept ammunition and do not understand how the grenade hit the house. When in the house there was an explosion, the parents of the deceased Sergei were on the street: mother was at work in the garden, and his father were fishing on the lake.It has been established that light and sound exploded grenade "Zarya-2", which are considered "non-lethal" and is intended for temporary excretion of human failure. This is informed by IR.Sergey Eroshkin starred in the films "Moscow 1941", "the Adult daughter of the young master," and in the TV series "Capercaillie". Before the filming of the TV series "Capercaillie", Sergey Eroshkin was hudognikom-designer and even a gas attendant at the gas station.Recall, this is not the first misfortune with the actors of the series "Capercaillie". In December 2011 in Moscow killed the actor of theatre of Mayakovsky Vyacheslav Titov. According to one version, the actor strangled the man, in whose company the deceased spent the night. Titov was found completely naked and with a bag over his head.After a month it became known about the death of Anatoly Otradnoe. The body of the actor was found on the street in Mytishchi near Moscow. According to the results of the forensic examination, the death of the artist has come as a result of a combination of alcohol poisoning and clozapine is a potent antipsychotic drug. On the given fact criminal case under part 4 of article 111 of the criminal code (intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, negligently caused human death). Source: Killed the actor of the TV series "Capercaillie" Sergey Eroshkin.

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