Madonna came on the scene in `eve`

Madonna came on the scene in `eve`Popular singer Natasha Koroleva literally shocked the audience, appearing in public in "eve".Natasha Koroleva match its mate, the male stripper Sergei Glushko, also loves to shock the audience. So, at a recent concert on February 23 and held in Kiev, where men's compositions were performed by women, the popular singer has shocked many viewers with its unconventional costume. The singer appeared on stage in a red air mantle, which is nothing covered.Natasha Queen chose for your room "the costume of eve - outfit, which imitates a naked body. And so he blended in color with the skin of the performer that stunned the audience didn't understand that actually the Queen still dressed and not naked. Interestingly, in costume all private parts were covered with loose stones. However, only unnatural-looking abs Natasha the audience could guess, that the Queen of this here comic costume.Of course, the singer's performance was a resounding success. It was obvious that Natasha Koroleva happy produced effect. "I got the song "Naked". I thought, surely, be some creative room: on the stage will be big boys (and it was), some video is dedicated to my husband. The idea is not new. But, in order to brighten up the statement, " it is dedicated to the men, I decided to go out like this. Judging by the reaction of the audience, a surprise success", - quotes happy performer website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Indeed, then the artist did not let the paparazzi who wish to fix the "naked" Natasha Queen. Source: Natasha Queen came on stage in the costume of eve"".

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