Al Pacino received a serious injury on set

Al Pacino received a serious injury on setPopular Hollywood actor al Pacino was seriously injured during shooting of the film. During the shooting portion of the liner came off the artist in the eye.In its 72nd birthday famous Hollywood actor al Pacino has chosen to be in the company of friends around a festive table, and on the set of another movie. However, the artist even could not assume, than for him over the shooting process. Al Pacino was seriously injured during the shooting.Now the actor starred in the movie Stand Up Guys. In the plot, Pacino led a gunfight with another famous Hollywood actor Christopher Walken. Suddenly al shooting stopped, began to squint and to show that something happened. Shooting immediately interrupted, and rushed to his group members. Shortly called physicians.When inspecting the injured actor, whose eyes had turned red and began to tear, doctors came to the conclusion that the visual organ Pacino caught a fragment of a shell, the transmit Life News. However, the doctors did everything possible to save the eye of Hollywood celebrities, but given the requirements Pacino is not yet removed. When the actor will return to the set, is still unknown.Neither al Pacino nor his colleagues, nor the management of the picture no comment on the incident do not give. Tape Stand Up Guys tells the story of two friends - former bandits, who decided to return to the criminal world and given the task to kill each other. The premiere is scheduled for 2013.Meanwhile, recently, not only al Pacino were injured during film production. Our compatriot, a popular singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov fell from a height of ten meters. In the story the artist is in the treasure cave, which suddenly begins to crumble.The shoot took place in the pavilion, and as the cave was built a special ten-meter tunnel with sharp stones inside. It so happened that artificial boulders fell at the crucial moment. In the end, sparrows fell down and suffered multiple abrasions. However, Alexei himself quite calmly reacted to the injuries, not giving much importance to them, explaining that it is not the first time injured on the set. Source: al Pacino received a serious injury on set.

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