The heirs of Amy Winehouse recognized her parents

The heirs of Amy Winehouse recognized her parentsThe heirs of the singer, who died suddenly a year ago, her parents officially recognizedAfter the death of Amy Winehouse, who died last summer at age 27, left a lot of unresolved questions: "who is to blame?" to "what to do now?" Amy, for obvious reasons, wills were not made, because in her plans death definitely wasn't, so when the singer did not, it was necessary to determine to whom and on what rights to dispose of her hard-earned money. And these hard-earned were many: more than 4, 5 million pounds. However after taxes and debts that have accumulated during the life of the singer, the amount is reduced by half, but still impressive - 2, 9 million.Heirs Amy was able to identify only 10 months after her death. They were recognized as parents of the singer. The decision is already in force - now Mitch and Janice can handle finances daughters at their discretion. The word even before the court decision, the singer's father, Mitch Winehouse has determined that to do with the house where Amy lived, and what to do with her numerous wardrobe. In the house it was decided to arrange a rehabilitation clinic for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, and the outfits Amy were handed out for free to its many fans. Except for the few concert dresses - they were sold in a live broadcast on an American TV channels, and the money raised for them, listed in charities. Source: the Heirs of Amy Winehouse recognized her parents.

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