Died, the author of the characters of `Star wars`

Died, the author of the characters of `Star wars`In the US at the age of 82 years died one of the most celebrated illustrators Ralph Mcquarrie. He is known for work in the early episodes of "Star wars" George Lucas.The first three parts of the blockbuster still amaze moviegoers complexity of animation and detailed study of the characters. Mcquarrie created conceptual designs for the characters in the film, including images of the villain Darth Vader, master Yoda, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO. On the basis of his drawings were created the final version of the suits and robot models.George Lucas, who worked shoulder to shoulder with the designer for years, stated that grieve over him "will have the entire cinema." "Ralph Mcquarrie was the first guy I hired to help me to imagine and to put on paper the concept of "Star wars," said the Director. His creative genius, his inimitable drawings and concept art inspired the entire team that worked on the original trilogy of "Star wars".Lucas admitted that he is now often lack the right partner, retired ten years before death. "When I can't convey to the designers that are on my mind, I point them to one of the stunning illustrations of Ralph and said, "Draw something", quoted by ITAR-TASS.The inexhaustible imagination of the designer has determined its participation in sci-Fi movies, mostly about space and aliens. He received an Oscar for visual effects in the 1985 blockbuster "Cocoon".The designer participated in the creation of a dozen masterpieces of Hollywood. Mcquarrie collaborated with Steven Spielberg - particularly in his paintings of "E. T." and "Close encounters of the third kind". In addition, Mcquarrie created "Jurassic Park", "Indiana Jones: raiders of the lost ark" and the fourth part of the "Star trek". Source: Dead the author of the characters of "Star wars"".

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