Sleptsova removed the spikes from the tribe

Sleptsova removed the spikes from the tribeOlympic champion in biathlon Svetlana Sleptsova successfully operated in new York. 25-year-old athlete had surgery on the knee joints.The Olympic champion of 2010 Russian biathlete Svetlana Sleptsova has admitted that he feels well after knee surgery. Before Svetlana was operated in the new York hospital for Special Surgery, where at the end of 2011 undergoing rehabilitation after a difficult leg fracture two-time Olympic medalist Ivan Tcherezov. Originally diagnosed the problems associated with the meniscus, was not confirmed. During the operation, Svetlana were removed bone spikes, hindering the work of the knee joint."Diagnosis, which Sleptsova put specialists from Moscow, was not confirmed. Svetlana had no problems with the meniscus. American doctors found in the knee joints spikes, and which had hindered the work. The operation lasted long, just ten minutes on each knee. While Light moves on crutches, but I hope that within a day or two will be able to walk independently. I talked with her, she says she feels well. I'm glad the initial diagnosis of our specialists have not been confirmed. By the way, like Evgeny Ustyugov, which also identified problems with the meniscus. I think that after the operation Svetlana will recover much faster", - quotes the words personal trainer women Valeria Zakharova Eurosport."The operation went well, it was done on his left knee. As long as I walk only on crutches - step on the foot yet, but rehabilitation is already underway, so even very good. Excellent doctor and the clinic - a huge thank you, as well as the Russian biathlon Union, which organized this trip and gave me an opportunity to take the entire course of treatment," - said Svetlana.Recall that Ustyugov and Sleptsova are Olympic Champions of Vancouver. Eugene won the gold medal in the mass start, while Svetlana together with the teammates on the team celebrated the victory in the relay. However, last season the Russian biathlon is not set. By the end of the season 2011/2012 women's and men's national teams of Russia won the Nations Cup, but failed in the biggest race - the world Championships, which was for our team the worst in history. Source: Sleptsova removed the spikes from the tribe.

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