The police are looking for the doctors who treated Whitney Houston

The police are looking for the doctors who treated Whitney Houston In the framework of the investigation into the death of Whitney Houston, the police of Los Angeles have started search of doctors who have recently engaged in treatment of the singer.The investigation is important to know who was discharged for her prescription drugs, and whether the contents found in her room jars of drugs labels.While the investigation into the death of the singer is not a criminal, we have reason to believe a victim of someone's malicious intent, according to the police, no. However, a similar result has led to the dock, the former doctor of Michael Jackson - Conrad Murray. In November last year he was convicted of manslaughter, reports ITAR-TASS.It is suspected that doctors can occur if the medication in large volumes discharged by one person, says the famous Hollywood lawyer Ellyn Garofalo (she recently achieved justification for the doctor accused of abuse formulation for the model and actress Anna Nicole Smith, who died in early 2007 from an overdose of drugs).Famous singer, winner of six Grammy awards, died February 11 at age 48. Her body was discovered in the bath room at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. During the search in the room were also found several bottles of medication, which could be issued only on prescription. While the press warned against possible speculations on this theme, explaining that "flasks was no more than any man usually keeps in his medicine Cabinet".On the causes of death of the singer official data are not yet available. The results of the autopsy decided not to announce to retrieve data Toxicological examination, the training which usually takes 4-6 weeks.Meanwhile, the funeral for Whitney Houston will be held on 18 February in Newark (new Jersey). Optionally relative to a farewell service to be held at the Baptist Church "a New hope" would be available only to invitees.Source: Police are looking for the doctors who treated Whitney Houston.

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