Lolita wants to see her daughter Kirkorov

Lolita wants to see her daughter KirkorovFamous singer Lolita volunteered to baby-sit the daughter of Philip Kirkorov Alla-Victoria and scolded the king of pop for his haste.Popular singer, known not only for its creativity, but also shocking and a young spouse, Lolita, despite a strong friendship with Philip Kirkorov, a rather negative attitude to the fact that the artist is so soon brought the baby home in Russia. "Now the offseason, baby why all the sneezing and coughing strangers? His favorite neighbor (in Bulgarian artists bought the apartment next door) and friend Philip I was scolded for what he so early brought the baby from America. It was still a year to bring the baby to Russia, then would the immunity she was stronger and ocean air would do her good," quoted the singer "Komsomolskaya Pravda".It is unknown what said friend pop king, but clearly not friends got into a fight. Moreover, Philip had proposed lolita whenever you want to come to visit and take a look at Alla-Victoria. "Philip, I was offered to see the child at any time, when I asked him to baby-sit the baby. But while girl I have not seen it, because now I am on tour. And I think before baptism is not very correct to show the child. It is my firm conviction. Their child I never showed up to the baptism," said the singer.Who knows, maybe that's Lolita, not certain, not having any relation to show business "close friend" Kirkorov, will be godmother to Alla-Victoria.Recall that the christening of the daughter on the king of pop to be held in early April. Actually, Philip wanted to cross his adorable daughter Alla-Victoria became a national pop diva Alla Pugacheva. However, she categorically refused this important mission, citing the fact that she's already three godchildren. But with the godfather, things are even worse. Philip has not yet decided who would have assumed such an important mission. Tenor Nikolay Baskov said the desire to baptize the baby, but Kirkorov't say neither "Yes" nor "no". Source: Lolita wants to see her daughter Kirkorov.

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