The film `John Carter` is recognized as a failure

The film `John Carter` is recognized as a failureFiction Thriller "John Carter", the second week who heads the Russian car (the Russian version of the film has already brought 25.8 million dollars), officially recognized as a box office flop.In the Studio Walt Disney Pictures, recognize this unfortunate fact, suggest that the loss of film directed by Andrew Stanton, known to the audience "wall-e" and "finding Nemo" may become a record in the history of the Studio - about 200 million dollars, according to ITAR-TASS.And although the "Carter" set an absolute record on fees first day of hire, having collected nearly $ 6 million, and in North America - 53 million by typing in its worldwide box office of more than 179 million dollars, may not exceed the total cost of the production of the film.Budget Thriller was at least 350 million dollars, including the production process and marketing, which has served disservice to the film. According to some experts, commercials and posters was completely unsuccessful, scaring the viewer. The Hollywood reporter has dubbed the film "deadly dull". "John Carter" tipped the sad fate of the painting of Michael Cimino heaven's Gate (1980), which is a major world record for cash losses.The scenario of "John Carter" is based on the first book of the trilogy by Edgar rice Burroughs "the Martian war" - "a Princess of Mars". In the story, a veteran of the Civil war in the United States John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) happened to be on Mars, where it will find a series of fantastic events, love, war with monsters. The film is crammed with special effects, but the public believes the effects, and characters "amazingly stupid". "John Carter," the critics write, "one of those movies that are mind-numbing and last unbearable, inexplicable and indefinitely". Stanton, they say in Hollywood, "came a shapeless story". Critics do not get tired to wonder why the Director decided to resort to the topic of Mars, if the films "the Mystery of the red planet" (2011), "Prince of Persia: the Sands of time (2010) and "the sorcerer's Apprentice" (2010) did not find the expected niche in theaters and did not bring adequate returns."John Carter" - the Russian leader DrDespite the pessimistic expectations of Walt Disney Pictures "John Carter" like the Russian audience and the second week remains a leader in the rental.As reported by portal in second place was the tale Tarsem Singh's "Snow white, or mirror" (Mirror Mirror), earned from the start of 4.7 million dollars.The third position is a domestic Comedy "He's a Carlson" Sarik Andreasyan with Mikhail Galustyan in a leading role (3.9 million dollars).In fourth place was shifted to the cartoon "the Lorax", this past weekend brought Russian distributors 3.7 million dollars. Total earnings paintings in Russia and the CIS by the end of the third week of the rental is close to 10 million dollars.Rounding out the top five mystical Thriller "the Woman in black (The Woman in Black) whose relative box office success due to the participation of the stars of Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe. The Russian charges of $ 1.8 million dollars, but in the UK it became the most successful Thriller for the last two decades. Source: the Movie "John Carter" is recognized as a failure.

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