In Moscow seeded Russian `Oscars`

In Moscow seeded Russian `Oscars`Director Andrey Zvyagintsev, actor Sergei Garmash, Daria Ekamasova and Nadezhda Markina, Roman Madyanov and Elena Lyadova, and Oleg Basilashvili announced the winners of the Russian "Oscar" award "Nika" prize awarded by the Academy of motion picture arts Russia.Anniversary, 25th, the solemn ceremony of awarding the prestigious award took place in Moscow.Home "nick" - best feature film - got the picture by Andrey Smirnov "there Lived a simple woman". Home "nick" in the picture Smirnov claimed: "Elena" by Andrei Zvyagintsev, "the Chapiteau-show" Sergey Loban, "Siberia. Monamur" Vyacheslav Ross and "Vysotsky. Thank God I'm alive" by Pyotr Buslov. "There lived a simple woman" - the first in 30 years, the picture Smirnov, the author of "the Belarus station" and "Autumn". Before to thank the Academy for the award, Andrey Smirnov was called on the scene all worked on the painting team. "I graduated from a French school. Then every day when I was student, rehearsed, like a brilliant French say in Cannes and answer questions of journalists. This has not happened. But to be sorry about. Recognition of one's peers - such as they are - these recognitions at home, at home, in Russia, on the 25th "Nike" are more expensive than anything in the world," said Smirnov.The Academy of motion picture arts has awarded an honorary award in the nomination "Honour and dignity" actor Oleg Basilashvili. When the artist went on stage to loud applause and cries of "Bravo" to receive the award, the audience stood up. "Jurassic advised me to say: I have the Honor, no dignity. But I thought it may of offending someone," he said, finally, and thanked all who worked and stayed with him. The actor also told that recently in St. Petersburg, he was approached by a homeless man and offered to buy the book, what the artist is trying to leave, said that does not read books. "What dignity he answered me: "in Vain, all the best in myself I owe the books," said Basilashvili, who played a huge number of roles in theater and film."Nika" for best actor went to Sergei Garmash for the film "Home". "A huge thank you to the whole crew. Divide the reward with the whole group and my parents," said Garmash at the ceremony of awarding the prize. The nomination also included: Pyotr Zaychenko ("Siberia. Monamur") and Maxim Sukhanov ("Boris Godunov").Statuettes for best actress Daria got Ekamasova, played in the film "once upon a time there was a woman", and Nadezhda Markina for her role in the film "Elena". "Thank you for choosing the people who voted for "Elena", thank the Director Andrey Zvyagintsev and the entire team. I share this award with all those who took in the film participation", - said Markin. In turn, Ekamasova called honoured to receive the "Nicks" along with Markina. "To Zolotovitskii did twice and never took. This is happiness, when you know you won the prize for the film, which worked the best of the best," said the actress, receiving the award from the hands of the actor, Director and teacher Igor Zolotovitskii."Nika" for best male and female supporting role went to Roman Madianou for the painting "there Lived a simple woman" and Elena Lyadova for his role in the film "Elena". "I bow to Andrei Smirnov for this work separately and the entire crew and colleagues for their hard work, which we have passed," stated Madyanov, receiving the award from the hands of Maxim Galkin. The award for best actress in a supporting role Lyadova was presented by Director Roman Viktyuk. "I am honored to receive this award. Thank you Academy for this award and Viktyuk for message", - quotes", which this year for her role in "Elena" has already received the "Golden eagle", RIA Novosti.Film award "Nika" in the nomination "the Best Director's work" was given to Andrey Zvyagintsev for the film "Elena". "Thank you to everyone who supported this picture, thank you very much", said Zvyagintsev, receiving the award.The best operator of the year named Mikhail Krichman for the film "Elena", and in the nomination "the Best scenario work" winner was Andrey Smirnov for the film "once upon a time there was a woman". On stage to receive the award instead of Krichman rose the film "Elena" Andrey Zvyagintsev. "Jealous of the operator. Two months ago I had to come up on stage and get a prize. Then he shot the movie. Today he does not withdraw, but busy with the next project. If the Directors so often. It deserved his reward," - said Zvyagintsev, hinting at the "Golden eagle", which Krichman also received for his work on the film "Elena".To award Smirnov rose directed by Pavel Chukhray. He congratulated "nick" on the anniversary and noted that three of the nominees - "brilliant Directors. "Thank you, of course. However, why do I need this prize. Sitting here almost the entire team that made this film. I bow to the academics for this "nick", and my love and gratitude to those who made this film," said Smirnov.The award in the nomination "discovery of the year" received two actor - Dmitri Astrakhan for his role in the film "Vysotsky. Thank God I'm alive", and 12-year-old Michael Prochko, who starred in the film "Siberia. Monamur". Astrachan, upon receiving the award, thanked the Academy and admitted that opened new horizons. "Thank you for the Director Alexander Mitte, which, despite my sarcasm, put me on trial", he added.Thanks to the Academy and directed by Vyacheslav Ross expressed and the second winner is Misha Procko. "Thank you Slava Ross that believed in me and entrusted me with this role. And thanks to the starring Pyotr Zaychenko that the shooting was allowed to call himself a grandfather," said the young actor.For the best music for the movie "Target" prize was awarded to the composer Leonid Desyatnikov. He wrote music for films by Alexei Uchitel "his wife's Diary", "dreaming of Space", "prisoner of the Caucasus" and the paintings "Moscow" Alexander Zeldovich, "the Oligarch" by Pavel Lungin and other tapes.For best sound Academy of motion picture arts has awarded Vladimir Litrownik for his film "Vysotsky.

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