Stars that never got `Oskar`

Stars that never got `Oskar` Top ten actors who have made a considerable contribution to the development of the film industry, but were not awarded the coveted statuette.Brad pitt (Brad Pitt) was nominated for the award three times: 1996 - "12 monkeys", 2009 - "the curious case of Benjamin Button", 2012 - "the Man who changed everything," but never won.Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) was nominated for the Oscar three times: 2004 - "pirates of the Caribbean", 2005 - "the Magic country", 2008 - "Sweeney Todd: the demon Barber of fleet street". Johnny claims that plays in the movie is not for awards, but for the sake of people's love.Julianne Moore (Julianne Moore) is a four-time nominee for the award: 1997 - "a Night in the Boogie", 1999 - "end of the affair", 2002 - "the Hours" and "Far from heaven". Despite the absence in the Luggage of an Oscar, the actress is the winner of the Berlin film festival and three times winner of the Venetian.Legendary British actor Richard Burton (Richard Burton) was nominated for "Oscar" for best actor seven times, but he was never lucky enough to take at least one statuette.Helena Bonham Carter (Helena Bonham Carter) has become a two-time nominee for "Oscar": 1998 - "the wings of the dove", 2011 - "the King's speech". The actress once admitted using his defeat at ceremonies to explain to the children that winning in life is not important.In the actor's Arsenal Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz) more than three dozen movie roles, but no nomination for "Oscar". The actress is comfortable with the fact that he didn't have the coveted statuette and believes that, "to get an Oscar, too much work...".Jennifer aniston (Jennifer Aniston) became famous thanks to the TV series "Friends", for her role and where she was awarded the "Emmy" and "Golden globe". After many comedic roles, Jennifer has not received "Oscar", but received his own star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.The famous Irish actor pierce Brosnan (Pierce Brosnan) has gained popularity thanks to the role of James bond, executed in four films in the series. After that he played more than two dozen different roles. But Oscar never received.Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker) became famous thanks to the television series "sex and the city" (1998-2004). For the role of Carrie Bradshaw actress four times was awarded the prize "Golden globe", but to "Oscar" not yet "Mature enough".Antonio Banderas (Antonio Banderas) has appeared in over sixty films and became the first Spanish actor who was nominated for the award "Golden globe", but did not receive a single statuette "Oscar". Source: Stars who have never received the "Oscar".

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