Irina Shayk arrived in Moscow for a diamond necklace

Irina Shayk arrived in Moscow for a diamond necklaceThe girlfriend of one of the best players in the world Cristiano Ronaldo 26-year-old Irina Shayk arrived in Moscow to choose a diamond necklace, in which she will be at the wedding.- Even more beautiful girl doing only diamonds, - say the organizers of the Moscow visit of a supermodel. - Quite possibly, this delicate necklace for a few hundred thousand euros will adorn her neck in the most important day. In light of the upcoming events for your favorite Cristiano did not mind. He often indulges Ira with expensive gifts.HomelandShayk have not been in Russia, where her grandmother lives, but to spend time in the company of her loved ones and failed. Restless fans everywhere followed beauty. To confuse admirers, she even had to change the car.Is this a reaction to the arrival of Irene explained by the fact that among the admirers of beauty and were football fans, " says one of the organizers - Everyone's wondering who's going to marry the great Cristiano Ronaldo.The very same model sure her popularity, she must not only hot novel with a famous football player, but also parents. Slavonic roots of the mother and the Tatar origin of the father is obliged Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova (this name is on her passport) to its combination of tenderness and passion.In Moscow, the supermodel did not stay long. Just a few hours she was able to spend with a close friend - girl had supper in one of the most expensive Moscow restaurants.- Ate borscht, Russian dumplings, salad, - said Irina with "th". - Everything can be taken from Russian food in Moscow, - ate it all. Source: Irina Shayk arrived in Moscow for a diamond necklace.

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